Injustice fans will remember the bitter death of Captain Marvel during the first game's story mode, but in a new tweet, SHAZAM enthusiast Ed Boon has revealed 'the big red cheese' was considered for a comeback with other characters in "Fighter Pack 0"!

Always a font of information; the NetherRealm Creative Director acknowledged what many fans have often thought: "It would have been fun to see SHAZAM as a premiere skin for Black Adam..."

Black Adam and Captain Marvel draw their powers from a mutual source, bestowed phenomenal strength, speed, endurance, and god-like powers by the lightning magic of the Wizard Shazam! Adam was the wizard's champion in ancient times, but he became corrupt in his use of power. The two characters are similar enough to have made a Premier Skin a no brainer. Why it didn't happen, we don't yet know.

Slightly more obvious was the nixing of a proposed "Fighter Pack 0", which would've brought characters from 2014's Injustice: Gods Among Us back to Injustice 2, via downloadable content.

Boon references the quartet of Ares, Doomsday, Batgirl and Captain Marvel as examples. Deathstroke is another high-profile character who would've been a welcome return.

Fortunately for fans, NetherRealm packed plenty of post-release content into three iterations of their DLC packages! Most recently, Fighter Pack 3 added Atom, Enchantress and surprise guest fighters the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles!

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