Injustice 2 won't officially be available until Tuesday, May 16th -- but fans can already anticipate post-release DLC with the reveal of the first three "Fighter Pack" characters! Watch the trailer unveiling below:

As widely speculated: Sub-Zero will represent the home team of Mortal Kombat as the first confirmed crossover character in Injustice 2. He sports a brand new design that adapts the classic garb of a Lin Kuei ice warrior, taking the blue theme to new extremes with colored hood and embellished armor!

Sub-Zero joins a first wave of characters that should please fans of The Titans: Starfire and Red Hood making their playable Injustice debut to popular request.

Red Hood is Jason Todd: The second Robin who was murdered by Joker during a quest to find his true mother. Resurrected around twenty years later, he took the Red Hood identity to began a new path as a gun toting vigilante using brutal tactics to challenge Batman and his notions of justice. The edgy, cult favourite character has long been at the top of request lists, and dominated in a Robins fan poll by Ed Boon. Starfire, a powerful Tamaran Princess, beat Black Manta and Constantine in another fan vote.

These aren't the only characters hinted at by the new trailer - and Mortal Kombat fans won't want to put all their hopes in Sub-Zero alone! A certain iconic thunder god seems to figure prominently into six silhouettes hinting at future Fighter Packs! Click the image below to enlarge.

Raiden stands out among the group on the right, while Black Manta looks set to go from Atlantis transition character -- to fully blown villain! Two choices that have us very excited about what's to come! Don't forget Darkseid -- the pre-order incentive who'll also be there to download when the game is released!

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