We're seeing a lot of Bane right now. The man who broke The Bat was given a design spotlight in released concept art; delivered his trademark backbreaker in a recent screenshot; and is going head-to-head with his arch-nemesis in the first week of Injustice Battle Arena Superfights!

Just when you thought you couldn't see much more -- the Batman Facebook [via EventHubs] gives us an even more revealing look!

The new screenshot [above] seems to reveal Bane's alternate costume -- a design inspired by extreme methods of bondage, complete with orange prison pants.

Bane's no stranger to being locked down. Famous for being born into incarceration; his origins began in Peña Dura -- a maximum security prison in the corrupt South American nation of Santa Prisca. It was there he trained his body and mind, enduring the extreme forms of experimentation that transormed him into a Venom serum infused powerhouse!

He won't be the only Gotham dweller wearing prison orange when the game hits consoles in April! Earlier today we got the first look at Killer Croc, looking mean and green in combat with Flash! Croc appears flanked by Riddler and Penguin in an unidentified scenario.

Injustice: Gods Among Us hits PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 & Nintendo WiiU in April! Pre-order bonuses are currently offering additional costume packs based on Red Son and Arkham City at exclusive stores [full story]. Join the community to discuss these things and more on the DC Universe Injustice forum!