Hector Sanchez of NetherRealm Studios is making himself comfortable on the couch with Jeff Gerstmann for a chat about the nitty gritty of the studio's superhero fighter: Injustice: Gods Among Us!

The Giant Bomb interview takes a personal detour through the development cycle, discussing the culture around the game, as much as the content within it.

As has been the case throughout the promotional cycle, the promise of more content than Mortal Kombat (2011) precludes any substantial reveals of what that will entail. NRS are juggling their references, learning from the successes of their recent story modes and last tryst with the DC Universe.

Expect mini-games in story mode to bridge plot and in-game action, but don't think it's time to take it easy. NetherRealm continue to attempt to please the vast array of gamer types, layering simple and complex levels of interaction into the game. Hardcore mechanics and tools -- like practise mode input recording -- will satisfy the deeper needs of players who will be interested to count frames and master the minutia.

The likelihood of dream crossovers between Mortal Kombat & Street Fighter, or DC Comics & Marvel, remains the realm of speculation. Victory will be more certain for the heroes and villains of the DC Universe when an upcoming marketing campaign asks who would win, with input from fans and the likes of celebrity reader-cum-flying fanboy: Kevin Smith.

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