Mortal Kombat's God of Thunder is the next cab off the Fighter Pack 2 rank! An electrifying new trailer shows Raiden delivering shock and awe to the villains of Injustice 2 -- and he isn't coming alone! Watch:

Thanks to the Injustice 2 Premier Skin feature, DC Comics hero Black Lightning will also be available to players as an alternate skin for Raiden. The Justice League's electric hero should please the comic book faithful who've made him a popular request! He'll share a move set with Raiden, but come complete with his own voice acting and armored design in-keeping with The CW TV show!

For those loving a touch of Mortal Kombat in their Injustice, the god among us is breaking out a big bag of tricks! Players can look forward to trapping their foes with electric cages, delivering jolting bolts, and diving into his iconic moves! There's even an electric dragon in your future if you execute his new super-move!

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Raiden follows in the fighting footsteps of downloadable villain Black Manta, and fellow Mortal Kombat guest Sub-Zero! Don't expect any more Mortal Kombat characters this time around -- that's been ruled out. The next crossover guest from Fighter Pack 2 will be independent comic book darling: Hellboy!

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