With no Injustice Battle Arena this week, we've got new screenshots of two of the heavyhitting heroes' alternate skins [via Facebook]. Aquaman & Batman lead the charge, wearing duds inspired by two of DC Comics' biggest events!

Batman comes from Blackest Night -- the bonus DLC pack based on the hit 2009 comic book event. The exact terms of longterm availability remain unclear, but the Blackest Night skin & accompanying Zombie Mode are available with pre-orders are participating stores [full story]. A German trailer for the bonus content has been released [watch].

As a member of the undead Black Lantern Corps; this particular version of Batman was actually an imperfect clone created by the order of Darkseid. Risen from death by a black powerring, Blackest Night Batman made a brief but bold impact on the heroes of the DCU who were moved by his "return." Like all Black Lanterns, The Dead Knight was attracted to intense emotion, seeking the hearts of all who would dare live.

Aquaman owes this relatively traditional appearance to Flashpoint -- a 2011 series that created a twisted parallel version of the DC Universe! This pocket reality adventure resulted in the shock line-wide reboot of DC's properties as part of the New 52!

After the Wonder Woman of the Flashpoint universe killed Aquaman's wife - Mera - the Atlantean monarch leads an all-out war against the Amazons. A more callous version of the deepsea ruler, this Aquaman is responsible for plunging masses of Europe beneath the ocean! It all went down in the three-part mini-series Flashpoint: Emperor Aquaman.

Injustice: Gods Among Us is set to feature various alternate skins in both bonus and in-game content. Designs based on Superman: Red Son and Batman: Arkham City can be found through various pre-order schemes. Injustice specific costumes were on show in this week's Battle Arena spotlights. Screenshots were released through various social networking outlets [below].

Official release is less than a month away! Injustice: Gods Among Us hits PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 & Nintendo Wii U in global rapidfire: April 16 (United States), April 17 (Australia) & April 19 (Europe). Discuss it all on the DC Universe Injustice forum.