Why people should respect this game. [MKvsDC]
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RE: Why people should respect this game.
11/06/2011 02:23 AM EST
kamikaze-dragon1 Wrote:

I agree. You cant go off and cross an awesome game like MK with dudes wearing tights!!!!

There is irony in this statement, I'm sure of it.
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RE: Why people should respect this game.
12/03/2011 09:37 PM EST
MKvsDCU was the step in the right direction gameplay wise. But there are so many other things wrong with this game.

It was fun, but not really all that great, in my opinion. Catwoman and Joker were rather cool though, Batman too... but then again, I only care for the Batman series of DCU. Superman, Wonder Woman and all the others don't really interest me... Though admittedly, the latest Teen Titans cartoons were kinda fun. But that's more because I liked the style. I love anime and I like that anime is having an influence on the rest of the world... but that's rather off-topic. Sorry. :3
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