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05/03/2014 10:52 PM (UTC)
LordSkarlet Wrote:
After how last week ended no LordSkarlet on the card? No continuation?

Circumstances wouldn't allow it. The payoff will come next week.
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05/12/2014 02:20 AM (UTC)
May 9th Results!

hydraslash d. hankypanky1 [+1]
tghuhyg19 d. TheMetinPorta [+1]
MINION d. rick991 [+1]
Unknown265 d. irulegames1234 [+3]
mwgrant0 d. redman [+1]
CCShadow d. Killswitch [+1]
NovaStarr d. Asesino & Chryo_Spyder [+2/-1/-1]
Scott-Howell d. Sekktor [+1]
4avenger5 d. Coltess [+1]
Ninja_Mime d. Baraka_MK [+5]
LordSkarlet d. Genku [+9]
Ghostdragon d. TheNinjasRock071394 (c) [+1] [KFL Championship]


- hankypanky1 continues to suffer the hard knocks. The hope has been that a victory over a more established competitor would vault him up the ladder and generate interest, but it just hasn't panned out that way. He still has not been able to establish a foothold in the KFL and the opportunities have really worn thin as of late. Nice way to break the losing streak for hydraslash.

- Another fighter who hasn't been able to score a win is TheMetinPorta. As one of only three fighters in the entire league with zero victories, he's certainly felt the pressure lately. Nice outing for tghuhyg19, who now stands at 2-1. Officials have been trying to find the next rags to riches story and this might be the start of one!

- Wins have been very hard to come by for MINION this year, but that might be a product of facing stiff competition in the Duo ranks week after week. Getting a chance against a surprisingly game rick991 proved to be just the ticket for "The Manhunter!"

- Also seeing action in a more unfamiliar singles setting was Unknown265, and he did not disappoint! It may have been a big ask for irulegames1234, who has impressed officials lately, but he gained some more exposure in this bout and the crowd really took to the spectacle!

- With his Duo partner claiming victory right before his match, mwgrant0 had a tough act to follow! Tangling with a former KFL champion in redman is a tall order on any night, but mwgrant0 was equal to the task! In a close contest, he emerged victorious and picked up his 5th win of the year!

- Killswitch had really been picking up steam over the last few weeks, but his momentum was slowed this week by none other than CCShadow! It wasn't easy, but CCShadow did enough to have his arm raised! If not for the recent shakeup in the Duo Division, I'd say that there's serious feud potential here!

- NovaStarr has been one of the great success stories of the past couple of months! Matched against a couple of fighters with similar records and dreams of a run to the championship, she aggressively eliminated both men! Tough loss for both Asesino and Chryo_Spyder, but the defeat shouldn't hurt either of them much. NovaStarr has been on some kind of roll lately and so she was the favorite going in.

- Another solid statement win for Scott-Howell! He entered this week's action needing to make an impact and he certainly did that! The victory pushes him into the KFL's top ten fighters and definitely sets him up for greater opportunities in the coming weeks! Rough defeat for Sekktor, who hasn't been able to put together consistent success since making his return. Perhaps a step back is in order.

- It's safe to say that two of the more feel-good stories this year have been overshadowed by larger plots in recent weeks, but that didn't stop 4avenger5 and coltess from putting on a match that stole the show! Just as he did in their first meeting of 2014, 4avenger5 walked away the winner, but he got all he could handle from coltess! Whether this vaults either of them into the title picture remains to be seen, but you have to believe they're in the discussion!

- When BMK's Service Krew allies defected to the side of the United, he refused to go along with them! Promising punishment for his insolence, Mime emerged to deliver a strong message to the rest of the KFL! Crushing BMK with a strong +5 impact, Mime showed why you don't mess with him or the United!

- It had been a long time coming, but LordSkarlet finally got his revenge! After being unceremoniously removed from his KFL title opportunity due to a heinous attack by Genku, he had been itching to exact justice and regain his rightful place! Seizing the opportunity, LordSkarlet brought The Great Arena to its feet with a thunderous +9 impact! He has undoubtedly won this round, but the saga is not over, folks!

- With a solid 2 1/2 month reign, I'm not sure anyone saw the end coming so soon for the man they call "Y2K." As the challenger who gave the champion his closest call, Ghostdragon entered The Great Arena with decidedly more than a puncher's chance. Using the experience gained from their last championship encounter, Ghostdragon ascended the mountain and claimed KFL gold for the first time! With the KFL's final boss having been defeated, he ushers in a new era!
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05/17/2014 11:48 PM (UTC)
May 16th Results!

TheMetinPorta d. zebraska & hankypanky1 [+1/--/-1]
kentei290 d. bdog_13 [+1]
nightbreed_16 d. dibula [+1]
redman & MINION d. Unknown265 & mwgrant0 [+1]
legoslayer10 d. Onimike [+2]
Onryo & DeathScepter d. Baraka_MK & Zentile [+2]
Chryo_Spyder d. Jironobou [+1]
Coltess d. CCShadow [+1]
Jerrod & Killswitch d. MKRocket & blacksaibot [+1]
NovaStarr d. jack4813 [+3]
Scott-Howell d. 4avenger5 [+1]
LordSkarlet & TheNinjasRock071394 d. Genku [+1]


- It's an admirable initiative from the KFL brass, wanting everyone to taste the thrill of victory, and after tonight the winless ranked have thinned by one! TheMetinPorta triumphed over his similarly futile foes in the opening three-way encounter! Surely this gives him momentum heading into next week. Wonder who he faces next?

- Our next contest saw two fighters trying to get their 2014 records back to even. It's been tough for both kentei290 and bdog_13 in terms of getting opportunities to showcase their talents, but I think being pitted against one another brought out the best in both! Only one could have his hand raised though, and it was kentei who brought it harder tonight.

- Ahead of this match, many felt that this was a prime opportunity for dibula to spring an upset and potentially give himself a boost in the standings. However, nightbreed_16 was not to be underestimated this week! In another solid performance, he took the fight to dibula and walked away with his fourth win of the year!

- After struggling mightily against the lower tier teams of the KFL, redman & MINION finally got themselves back on track. Unknown265 & mwgrant0 have had their number for a while now, and so it's certainly interesting to see the tables flipped here. Could this be the win that turns their year around?

- Onimike has had a nice start to the 2014 season with three wins, and a potential push had been discussed behind the scenes on more than one occasion. It was unexpected, then, for legoslayer10 to assert himself in the ring and win this match! Beleaguered by poor or flat performances all year, legoslayer10 has always been a fighter who has that "any given night" potential but has been on the wrong end of things. While this certainly won't put him in the title discussion, a win is always nice to have.

- Two new teams took to the midcard stage and delivered a main-event worthy bout! The hype was high for this match as the outcasted BMK sought vengeance on anyone associated with The United! Enlisting Zentile as his partner for the night's festivities, they were a heavy underdog to the seasoned duo of DeathScepter & BMK's former partner, Onryo! The favorites allowed BMK & Zentile to hang in there for a while, but eventually delivered the end via +2 impact. This feud is hot, folks!

- Another name to add to the résumé of Chryo_Spyder! He has scored wins over a few established names in recent weeks and this might be the indication of greater things to come! Jironobou hasn't been quite right since his ill-fated partnership with jack4813 ended, but there's still time left to get back to his winning ways!

- Talk had been growing louder in recent weeks that coltess was already finished as a contender and that it was time for him to step aside. I'm guessing someone forgot to tell coltess that, because he has added another impressive win to his total! CCShadow got his fair share of blows in, but the experience that coltess has racked up this year was too much to overcome! He's not done yet!

- With the dissolution of the KFL's top team, a new Duo had to take the mantle for themselves! Perhaps culminating a long rivalry that has been back and forth, Jerrod & Killswitch were equal to the task against MKR & blacksaibot! To be fair, this match did little to erase any doubts that detractors might have about the new #1 team in the KFL. The contest was too close to call right until the end!

- Can anyone stop NovaStarr? She's been on some kind of roll over the past couple of months, winning match after match in convincing fashion! The latest victim of her wrath was none other than jack4813, suffering a +3 impact to take a hard loss! With the KFL Championship recently changing hands, there might be no better time for her to strike and claim the gold for herself!

- The evening's #1 Contender's Match had little fanfare before it began, but The Great Arena faithful were certainly buzzing about it afterward! Looking for another crack at the title, 4avenger5 entered the match knowing what he missed out on last time around! He appeared ready to be the first to challenge Ghostdragon for the belt, but Scott-Howell had other ideas! Fighting with purpose and skill, Howell defeated his opponent to earn his shot next week!

- The plot thickens! Vowing to team with LordSkarlet a short time ago, former KFL Champion TNR made good on his promise! Not content with his +9 win over Genku last week, LordSkarlet wanted to really make him pay for his indiscretion! When TPB and VenoMark, two men who Genku had used to try to beat LS down a while back, refused to partner with him, it became a 2-on-1 match! Forced to fight alone, Genku did surprisingly well, and nearly won the match!

- After the main event ended, TNR told LordSkarlet that he was making good on another promise he made; a match between the two of them, and it's slated for next week! Stay tuned!
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05/24/2014 07:58 PM (UTC)
May 23rd Results!

zebraska d. hankypanky1 [+1]
UlcaTron d. bdog_13 [+1]
Maridany d. Methuselah6463 [+4]
kentei290 d. JUST_A_TARKATAN [+1]
Murdoink d. Philip94 [+1]
Nephrite d. Chryo_Spyder [+1]
Ninja_Mime & Shoe d. MKRocket & blacksaibot [+1]
Baraka_MK d. Onryo [+1]
NovaStarr d. coltess [+1]
The_Purple_Bunny d. Genku & VenoMark [+2/-1/-1]
TheNinjasRock071394 d. LordSkarlet [+5]
Ghostdragon (c) d. Scott-Howell [+1] [KFL Championship]


- With that, we're down to one! zebraska finally got himself out of the winless circle this week, against the man he drew with a few weeks prior! I wonder what kind of momentum will come from this victory. One has to believe that this is more of a relief than anything, and that's the wrong way to think heading into subsequent fights.

- Nice to see UlcaTron pick up another victory, even if it was at the expense of bdog_13. Both combatants have struggled in 2014 and it's always nice to see the little guys have their moment in the sun. Whether this means one of them can piece together a winning streak though, that remains to be seen.

- Our second-biggest impact of the night came from a very unexpected source! Maridany came to play last night! I had expected Methuselah6463 to perform better here. Hopefully he takes the loss as a learning experience and transitions into something better. The Great Arena sure was buzzing about this result!

- Just when people were thinking that JUST_A_TARKATAN was beginning to turn the corner, he runs into the buzzsaw that is kentei290! Another nice momentum building win for him in the KFL. J_A_T will learn from this defeat, I'm sure. There's still plenty of time for him to right the ship!

- For all intents and purposes, this was something of a "trap match" for Murdoink. He's been wanting some more elevated competition, and thus ran the risk of looking past his match with Philip94 and slipping up. However, last night he was up to the task. Taking down a former champion, no matter the circumstances, is a noteworthy victory.

- Chryo_Spyder has been quickly gaining a following in The Great Arena for his recent string of upset victories! He entered his match against a very well-rested Nephrite as the crowd favorite, but it was Nephrite who stole the show! Perhaps this springs him back into contention! Big things might be coming from the Olympic Gold Medalist!

- As two of the more experienced fighters in the KFL ranks, Mime & Shoe were expected to take care of business in this Duo match, and that's exactly what they did. Hard ask for MKR & blacksaibot this week. Even though their opponents are a recently formed team, they both have championship-level pedigrees. They'll learn from this defeat.

- I highly doubt that this story's conclusion was reached last night, but it must have felt good for Baraka_MK to get a victory over his former partner! There had been talk of placing BMK in a singles program with the hope that he'd eventually earn a KFL title shot, but he and Onryo were on fire in the Duo ranks and so it never came to fruition. Perhaps there's rematch potential down the road, and for higher stakes too!

- Is NovaStarr the new #1 contender? Her victory over coltess certainly begs that question! It would seem that forces have aligned perfectly for her to claim gold: Y2K is no longer the final boss champion that he had been for months, some of the other big players are embroiled in other storylines, and she's on an absolute tear! Huge win for her, and coltess shouldn't feel discouraged for it, either.

- Temporary alliances usually lead to ill intentions later on, and this is no different! When TPB and VenoMark coldly refused to stand with Genku against LordSkarlet and former KFL Champion TNR, Genku responded by challenging them to a three-way contest! This sort of event would be the main draw on most nights, but there were more important matters at hand! TPB walked away the winner, but at what cost? It was a grueling contest that may well leave him hurting for future matches.

- This was the title match that we never got to see! TNR asked for this match at the end of last week's Friday Night Fights because he wanted to know if he would have retained his title, and he succeeded! LordSkarlet proved to be no match for the former champ, suffering the brunt of a +5 impact! After the match, the foes exchanged signs of respect and then went their separate ways. What's next for these two?

- It's a successful first title defense for Ghostdragon! He triumphed over Scott-Howell, who really gave him a run for his money! It has been refreshing to see some of the lesser-known names gain the spotlight in 2014, and from top to bottom the phenomenon is not going away anytime soon! The question now is, who's next for Ghostdragon? NovaStarr? Baraka_MK? Someone else? Find out next week!
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06/01/2014 03:53 AM (UTC)
hankypanky1 d. JUST_A_TARKATAN [+1]
hydraslash d. DarknessDragon [+1]
rick991 d. subzero776 [+1]
Onimike d. Maridany [+1]
kentei290 d. nightbreed_16 [+1]
Asesino d. Murdoink [+1]
TheNinjasRock071394 & UlcaTron d. Onryo & DeathScepter [+1]
4avenger5 d. Baraka_MK [+1]
Shoe & Mime d. Jerrod & Killswitch [+3]
Scott-Howell d. Sekktor [+1]
Mick-Lucifer d. CaTigeReptile & The_Purple_Bunny [+10/-9/-1]
Ghostdragon (c) d. NovaStarr [+1] [KFL Championship]


- He's on the board! The recent initiative by bookers to get everyone in the win column has really paid off! The final fighter to earn a victory this year, hankypanky1 wasted no time in seizing the opportunity! It's a shame that it comes at the expense of JUST_A_TARKATAN, but someone had to lose to hankypanky1 eventually.

- Solid showing by hydraslash this week. He didn't win convincingly and looked far from a champion tonight, but he got it done. Some nights, that's what it takes to win. Tough loss for DarknessDragon. He appeared to be the favorite going in due to the amount of rest he's had, but he looked rusty instead.

- The third match of the night proved to be one of the most exciting! Not normally expected to electrify the crowd in their matches, rick991 and subzero776 delivered a contest worthy of a main event! Even at this level, sometimes you catch lightning in a bottle!

- Onimike had to be considered a heavy favorite coming into his match with Maridany, even though the latter picked up an eye-opening win last week. It definitely appeared as though Onimike looked past his opponent, because he got everything he could handle! He was able to eventually finish the fight, but he has done so with a new perspective. You can't take anything for granted in the KFL.

- Big upset win for kentei290! He's been on a bit of a roll lately, and with he and nightbreed_16 angling in on a step up in competition, both men made a good argument for a move to that next level. This was a close bout with a lot of emotion behind it; I wouldn't be surprised to see these two tangle again soon!

- It has been far from a banner year for Murdoink. I had expected him to be in a better place than where he's at right now, and yet he hasn't been able to string together victories. Credit Asesino for taking advantage of an opponent having a down year; there are no easy wins in this league.

- The newly formed team of TNR & UlcaTron is off to a good start! It was determined that UlcaTron would fare better in a Duo setting and he'd always been amicable with the former KFL Champion, so they were paired and the results were good this week. They picked up a good win over a similarly fresh team, but I wonder how they'd fare against a more established pairing.

- Even though he's found a lot of success this year, 4avenger5's win over Baraka_MK still felt like a bit of an upset. As the more seasoned competitor, BMK had a decided advantage entering the match. However, 4avenger5 would not be denied! This fight looked a lot like the ones early in the year, when he was piling up his impressive winning streak! He just might earn another title shot at this rate!

- Jerrod & Killswitch may be regarded as the KFL's top team, but I don't think anyone was surprised by this result. Shoe & Mime are decorated veterans of The Great Arena in their own right, and experience proved to be the trump card this week. The win further asserts The United's dominance!

- Nice bounce back win for Scott-Howell, especially because he was challenged to this fight. Originally booked to team with CCShadow, Sekktor laid down the gauntlet and Howell accepted! If he were trying to quickly put himself back in contention for a title shot, Howell passed the test with flying colors!

- This match was a last-minute concoction in advance of The Great Arena's Supercard event, where TPB was slated to compete for the Undisputed Championship! As a way to test his mettle, he was placed into a 3-way match against none other than Mick-Lucifer and CaTigeReptile! When CTR quickly bit the bullet, TPB was unable to defeat Mick! This certainly leaves some doubts leading up to Sunday's title match!

- NovaStarr had all the momentum and fanfare following her torrid stretch of wins over the last couple of months. Ghostdragon was definitely a marked man according to The Great Arena faithful! Battling a strong challenger and the perceived odds, he put together a championship-worthy performance in a convincing victory! One has to wonder now... Who's next?
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06/07/2014 08:52 PM (UTC)
June 6th Results!

TheMetinPorta d. DarknessDragon [+1]
bdog_13 d. Methuselah6463 [+1]
hydraslash d. SK9608 [+1]
Unknown265 d. nightbreed_16 [+1]
kentei290 d. Philip94 [+1]
Onimike d. Murdoink [+1]
Scott-Howell & CCShadow d. redman & MINION [+1]
TheNinjasRock071394 & UlcaTron d. MKRocket & blacksaibot [+1]
Nephrite d. Onryo [+1]
Baraka_MK d. Coltess [+1]
Jerrod d. jack4813 & NovaStarr [+2/-1/-1]
Ghostdragon (c) d. 4avenger5 [+3] [KFL Championship]


- Nice win for TheMetinPorta. He's had a rough go of it in 2014, just like his opponent last night, DarknessDragon. When you're opening the card the main emphasis is not to get discouraged and show that you deserve better, and the crowd received a better match for it!

- Insiders expected Methuselah6463 to have more success this year, but it simply hasn't materialized. He isn't the only one who seems to still be stuck on the starting blocks, so perhaps matches against his peers are in order. Take nothing away from bdog_13, though. He came to play.

- Experience prevailed in this bout, as hydraslash entered with a big edge in number of appearance so far this year. SK9608 has impressed in limited action so far in 2014, but after this match one has to believe that he needs more regular assignments to truly shine.

- A second straight upset loss for nightbreed_16! As one of the few competitors in the lower tiers who has shown flashes of brilliance this year, he was expected to take the next step in the coming weeks. After this setback, it may have to wait! Unknown265 made a nice showing here, he really had the crowd behind him!

- It's odd seeing former champions fall to this level, but Philip94 has yet to recapture the glory he once had! This might be the start of a roll for kentei290, as he picked up his second consecutive win here. I'm interested to see what direction he goes in from here.

- Onimike has really impressed me this year. Aside from what some called a bad loss to legoslayer10 two weeks ago, he's beaten some strong competition in 2014. Whether he can string together enough wins to earn title consideration remains to be seen, but count Murdoink as the latest addition to his growing list of victories!

- It didn't feel right seeing Scott-Howell and CCShadow part ways, as they were always one of the favorite duos in The Great Arena. The warm welcome they received in their return match together was a touching moment, but they were all business after that! The unfortunate team on the other end was redman & MINION, who continue to struggle.

- The newly formed team of TNR & UlcaTron is already on a meteoric rise to the top! Beating MKR & blacksaibot is a signature win for any KFL duo, but to do it in just your second outing is impressive! UlcaTron is also gaining valuable experience going forward. Rough loss for the guys on the wrong end of this one, it'll be interesting to see how they recover.

- Many felt that this match would be a good test to see if Onryo was ready for the next step, but even in defeat he looked strong! Nephrite got all he could handle from his opponent last night, but he was able to weather the storm and emerge victorious. He does have plenty of miles on him this year, though. I wonder how long he can keep this up.

- Nobody would've said that coltess would eventually earn a title shot and later become a necessary stepping stone for aspiring champions, but Baraka_MK is the next to accomplish the feat! Ever since his unceremonious split from Onryo and the rest of The Service Krew, BMK has been hell bent on claiming the top prize that he always put on the back burner in favor of Duo Division success! Perhaps someday coltess will get back to the top, but after this loss it's going to take some time.

- In a #1 Contender's Match that featured three fighters who all have their respective doubters, Jerrod put his to rest by eliminating both of his adversaries! The result came as a bit of a surprise to some, as both NovaStarr and jack4813 have made it to the grand stage before; I'm excited to see if Jerrod has what it takes to become the next KFL Champion!

- It was a bit of a surprise, but bookers felt that 4avenger5 had earned the right to challenge for the belt! We've seen him topple big time talent earlier in the year, but in this fight he just looked overmatched. Ghostdragon took nothing for granted last night, and it showed. A solid +3 impact spelled the end to another crack at the top for 4avenger5 and another successful defense for the champion!
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06/16/2014 11:52 PM (UTC)
June 13th Results!

JUST_A_TARKATAN d. zebraska [+1]
hydraslash d. irulegames1234 [+1]
rick991 d. tghuhyg19 [+1]
Unknown265 & mwgrant0 d. redman & MINION [+1]
Maridany d. Zentile [+1]
legoslayer10 d. Jironobou [+1]
DeathScepter d. Asesino [+1]
Scott-Howell & CCShadow d. MKRocket & blacksaibot [+1]
NovaStarr d. Onryo [+1]
VenoMark d. hankypanky1 [+28]
Baraka_MK d. Nephrite [+3]
Ghostdragon (c) d. Jerrod [+2] [KFL Championship]


- A rare win for JUST_A_TARKATAN! It came at the expense of zebraska, who remains with just the one triumph in 2014. Victories have been hard to come by for both men thus far, but you can't expect anything different in this league. You have to scratch and claw for everything you can get in the KFL.

- I don't know what it is, but something tells me that hydraslash does better when flying solo! He's had a tough time getting untracked this year, but an opponent like irulegames1234 is a solid antidote for that problem. He'll be hard pressed to keep it going next week, though, because slots at the top of the card are at a premium.

- I have to say, rick991 has impressed me. He sees only limited action in The Great Arena, but win or lose he makes sure to make the most of it! He ended up on the right side of the ledger this week, defeating tghuhyg19 in a close contest.

- The lower ranks of the KFL's Duos are not short on action! This has developed into a bit of a rivalry over the last couple of months, with Unknown265 & mwgrant0 getting the better of redman & MINION thus far. Expect this saga to continue into the summer, folks!

- Nice win for Mardiany this week. I had Zentile winning this match for sure, but in a way I'm glad I was wrong. Maridany has put in a lot of work so far in 2014 and it's nice to see that paying off.

- I won't say that he's back yet, but legoslayer10 has to feel good after picking up a win over Jironobou. He's been searching for that break to get himself back on track, and this might be it. I'm interested to see where he goes from here and if he can string together another win or two.

- He doesn't come out of the shadows too often, but when he does, it's a hellish night for his opponents! DeathScepter claimed another victim this week, as Asesino was the latest to fall.

- It would seem that Scott-Howell and CCShadow are right back in their element! Solid win for them this week. MKRocket and blacksaibot have hit a bit of a tailspin lately. Wonder what's wrong with them?

- After missing out on a chance to move back into the championship conversation, NovaStarr made sure she wouldn't become an afterthought by putting Onryo away. The man they call "Mad Dog" fought admirably, but could not muster enough offense on this night. Tough loss.

- Ever hear the expression, "don't bite the hand that feeds you?" Well, nobody told hankypanky1 and he paid the price this week! His banishment from MKO had left his status up in the air, but The Great Arena turned to none other than VenoMark to take care of business!

- This match didn't have the billing of a #1 Contender's match, but the way the crowd reacted to every blow indicated that it might have been exactly that! It's been an arduous climb for BMK after being deserted by his former Service Krew allies, but he appears to be just one step from the top of the mountain!

- Not many gave the challenger much of a chance heading into this bout, but Jerrod would not go down easily! He was the unexpected winner of last week's 3-way to determine the next #1 Contender, and after a sluggish start he really fought hard to get back into it! However, Ghostdragon has built a reputation as a closer since winning the belt and he continued to show us why! Another successful defense!
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06/24/2014 04:37 AM (UTC)
June 20th Results!

DarknessDragon d. zebraska [+1]
TheMetinPorta d. bdog_13 [+1]
Philip94 d. irulegames1234 [+1]
Maridany d. nightbreed_16 & Zentile [+2/-1/-1]
Onimike d. kentei290 [+1]
MKRocket & blacksaibot d. Unknown265 & mwgrant0 [+1]
Chryo_Spyder d. CCShadow [+1]
Nephrite d. jack4813 [+1]
TonyTheTiger d. LordSkarlet [+1]
TheNinjasRock071394 & UlcaTron d. Jerrod & Killswitch [+1]
Genku d. Mick-Lucifer [+2]
Ghostdragon (c) d. Baraka_MK [+2] [KFL Championship]

- It's a modest victory for DarknessDragon in this week's opening match. With wins at a premium so far in 2014, he'll take it any way he can get it. Tough luck for zebraska this week. One win in ten outings is not going to get it done.

- I'll be honest, I expected this match to go the other way. It appeared that bdog_13 had the advantage heading into the contest, but it was TheMetinPorta who flipped the script! Nice win for him.

- He may be languishing in the lower part of the card for now, but it's hard to deny a former champion for long! Philip94 has struggled to return to the glory he once had, but he continues to gain experience and make steps in the right direction.

- Another result I didn't see coming, Maridany really came to play this week! The favorite going in was probably nightbreed_16, but Maridany's aggression was just too much to handle! Zentile looked lost out there.

- Solid win for Onimike over an opponent who has had similar success this year. It's been fun to watch these two score wins without piling up losses, and for Onimike, a 6-2 record is nothing to sneeze at. He'll be elevated in the coming weeks for sure.

- One had to believe that Unknown265 & mwgrant0 were feeling pretty confident after having ample time to rest up for this fight. Throw that in with the fact that MKR & blacksaibot have been on a major slump, and the recipe for an upset was there! However, it was not to be, as the seasoned veterans took care of business.

- Can this be called an upset? I think so! Chryo_Spyder had arguably his best performance of the year in a big match setting, a fact that is sure to be looked at by the bookers. After the match, he said that he wants an opportunity to shine, and it would seem that he has earned that chance!

- It's been frustrating at times for Nephrite and jack4813, as both men have come within one step of glory, only to fall short each time. It seemed fitting, then, to have these two compete for potentially high stakes! Due to talk that Ghostdragon will not defend next week, there are rumblings that a big-time #1 Contender's match will be made! With this win, Nephrite may have booked his ticket for that encounter!

- It's always nice to see a Great Arena legend of the past step in and do well. TonyTheTiger has had a lengthy hiatus from the KFL, but he showed that it's like riding a bike with this win over LordSkarlet! Could this be a kick start to greatness in the sub-league?

- It would seem that raw talent trumps chemistry this week! Usually, teams who have been together for a while have a big advantage over newly-formed units, but that was not the case this week! The pure strength of the former champion carried him and UlcaTron to a win this week. Tough loss for Jerrod & Killswitch, but I think they'll recover nicely here.

- With everyone still wanting a piece of Genku after his meddling in the championship match a while back, it was Mick-Lucifer's turn to deliver justice! However, Genku was more than ready for the challenge! A +2 impact stunned The Great Arena faithful and left them with something to talk about heading into the main event!

- The champ retains again! It's been a nice six-week run for the man they call "The Silent Assassin!" After this victory over a very game BMK, it appears that Ghostdragon will be given next week off. Signs point to there not being a suitable challenger to face him right now, and so it appears that he'll know his opponent after this coming Friday!
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06/30/2014 07:33 PM (UTC)
June 27th Results!

Methuselah6463 d. subzero776 [+1]
MINION d. Zentile [+1]
legoslayer10 d. hydraslash [+1]
JUST_A_TARKATAN d. Murdoink [+1]
Onryo & DeathScepter d. Unknown265 & mwgrant0 [+2]
redman d. Asesino [+1]
CCShadow d. Onimike [+1]
jack4813 d. NovaStarr [+1]
4avenger5 d. Coltess [+1]
TonyTheTiger d. CaTigeReptile [+MAX]
Shoe & Mime d. TheNinjasRock071394 & UlcaTron [+2]
Scott-Howell d. Nephrite & Chryo_Spyder [+1/0/-1]

- Let's be honest, it's been a frustrating year for Methuselah6463. He once enjoyed success in the KFL, but now that those days appear to be behind him he's had a rough go. This week, it seemed that subzero776 was the perfect opponent to cure some of those ills! Nice effort in the win.

- MINION hasn't been great when flying solo this year, but he did manage to catch Zentile by surprise this week! Bookers haven't been a fan of MINION's disappearing acts in important matches, but perhaps this is the one that turns it all around for him. We'll keep an eye on it.

- A win's a win, right? After legoslayer10 crashed and burned earlier in the year, his confidence was at an all-time low. Now, facing lighter competition, he's still struggling to find victories. Here we are, halfway through the year, and he only has six wins to his name. If he's going to get back to the top, it has to start now.

- Big upset win for JUST_A_TARKATAN! Murdoink's had a pretty bad 2014, but he's still a Great Arena regular and so this result came as a shock. This victory will serve as a nice building block towards future success. As for Murdoink, he might want to seek out a tag team partner within The United.

- Speaking of teams, Onryo hasn't missed a beat since siding with DeathScepter! Becoming the 9th fighter to hit the ten-win milestone in 2014, Onryo has had great duo success! DeathScepter has really benefited from the change of scenery too. Tough break for Unknown265 & mwgrant0, but when you start making a name for yourself, you're bound to take some lumps before reaching that next level.

- Asesino has been an interesting man to watch this season. He's had some really solid wins to go along with a bunch of head-scratching losses. This week, he stepped up a weight class to take on redman, and while it was a very close contest, he couldn't get it done. Chalk it up to a learning experience. I think their next encounter will be different!

- Onimike has been one of the best feel good stories this year, but that was of little consequence to CCShadow this week! As someone who is never more than a few steps away from contention, Shadow showed The Great Arena why he's deserving of his many accolades! Onimike shouldn't be discouraged; he nearly pulled a massive upset in this one!

- As storylines abound in the KFL, jack4813's has perpetually been "he can't win the big one." This match didn't fit the definition of a "big one," but it has to feel good taking out a fighter with the chops of NovaStarr! In what many expected to be a close contest, jack left no doubt. He may not have played himself into a title match yet, but don't count him out!

- They've met a number of times over the course of 2014, and once again it was 4avenger5 getting the better of coltess! Now a fringe contender for the KFL's top prize, 4avenger5 has been tirelessly working to ensure he remains in the conversation and the results speak for themselves! Shame to see coltess go down yet again, but he's been seeing a ton of action lately.

- Wow! A maximum +30 impact is super rare in the KFL ranks, but seeing it come from TTT against an equally powerful opponent is simply astonishing! It's fair to say that he's inserted himself into the title discussion now, but will he cash in? CTR clearly was not ready for such an assault. Hopefully she recovers in due time.

- I think this result indicates that Shoe & Mime are simply on another level when compared to the rest of the KFL's teams. Bookers have been hesitant to slot them into matches as a duo because of the threat they pose to everyone! Y2K & UlcaTron don't have anything to be ashamed about, though. Ulca is gaining valuable experience under the former champion's tutelage.

- Scott-Howell has earned another crack at Ghostdragon for the KFL Championship! Nephrite and Chryo_Spyder proved to be stiff competition for the new #1 Contender, but he has once again proven that he is among the league's best!
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07/07/2014 05:05 PM (UTC)
July 4th Results!

DarknessDragon d. zebraska [+1]
tghuhyg19 d. SK9608 [+1]
Philip94 d. nightbreed_16 [+2]
rick991 d. kentei290 [+1]
legoslayer10 d. JUST_A_TARKATAN [+1]
Onryo & DeathScepter d. MKRocket & blacksaibot [+1]
redman d. CCShadow [+2]
NovaStarr d. Onimike [+1]
Jerrod & Killswitch d. TheNinjasRock071394 & UlcaTron [+1]
jack4813 d. 4avenger5 [+1]
TonyTheTiger d. LordSkarlet [+1]
Scott-Howell d. Ghostdragon (c) [+1] [KFL Championship]

- It's an odd occurrence having a rematch from two weeks' prior lead off the card, but surprisingly it produced an even better contest than the first time around! The result was the same, with DarknessDragon picking up the win. He'll be eager to move on to tougher competition, I'm sure.

- Shaking off the rust was too much to ask for SK9608 this week. He didn't have it against tghuhyg19 and it showed. Good effort put forth by the winner, he got the job done; however, this was a pretty forgettable match.

- Nice victory for Philip94 this week. He stepped up against a solid opponent in nightbreed_16 and truly left no doubt about who the better man was this past Friday. This should serve as a nice building block moving forward.

- Two up-and-comers highlighted the next bout, and The Great Arena witnessed rick991 pick up his fifth win of the year! He's done that against only two defeats in 2014, and no doubt the bookers have taken notice! I wonder who rick991 will draw next week?

- Two straight wins against a lower tier of competition is hardly anything to write home about, but one has to believe that any momentum that legoslayer10 builds here is a big positive for him. Hard luck this week for JUST_A_TARKATAN. He seemed to be turning the corner but has suffered a setback this week.

- If there were an award for the most consistent Duo competitor, you'd be hard-pressed to find someone better than Onryo to give it to! He's really hit his stride while teaming with DeathScepter recently and they appear ready to challenge the heavyweights of the KFL! It's another discouraging defeat for MKR & blacksaibot. Back to the drawing board for them.

- Sometimes I wonder why redman doesn't just go solo full-time, because he seems to operate better alone. CCShadow was the latest to experience the victor's aggression, taking a solid +2 impact! It may take a while to get back to where he once was, but rest assured, redman is determined to return there.

- With a rather muddled picture at the top of the KFL, sometimes it only takes one or two statement wins to put yourself in position for a title shot! This doesn't qualify as such for NovaStarr, but it may have been for Onimike if the result went the other way! NovaStarr continues to hang around, like a handful of others. Someone will have to stand out soon!

- Truthfully, I'm surprised by this result. I felt that Y2K's dominance over the rest of the KFL would have carried them to victory here, but alas, the chemistry of Jerrod & Killswitch was too much to overcome this week. There's no shame in losing to one of the league's best teams.

- Now this is the type of win that jack4813 needed! Even though 4avenger5 has hit a rough patch since his breathtaking win streak to start the year, it's still an impressive feat to best him in the ring! The momentum is once again building for jack to step in and get a title shot, but will he finally reach the top of the mountain this time?

- After his MAX impact win over CaTigeReptile, TonyTheTiger felled another KFL heavyweight! The result wasn't nearly as impressive, just a modest +1 score, but people take notice when you knock off LordSkarlet! The question that's now burning on everyone's minds is this: did TTT just fight his way into a title match?

- If he did, he might be the first opponent for newly-crowned champion, Scott-Howell! The third time was the charm for him, as he lost his previous two championship matches to Ghostdragon before scoring the victory this past Friday! It is the beginning of Howell's 4th reign as KFL Champion, and truly it ended the holiday evening with fireworks!
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07/14/2014 10:43 PM (UTC)
July 11th Results!

dibula d. b_dog13 [+1]
subzero776 d. SK9608 [+1]
DarknessDragon d. Methuselah6463 [+1]
irulegames1234 d. TheMetinPorta [+1]
Maridany d. rick991 [+1]
Asesino d. mwgrant0 [+1]
Ninja_Mime & Murdoink d. TheNinjasRock071394 & UlcaTron [+3]
coltess d. Chryo_Spyder [+1]
NovaStarr d. redman [+1]
Onryo & DeathScepter d. Jerrod & Killswitch [+1]
LordSkarlet d. Sekktor [+6]
Baraka_MK d. jack4813 [+1]

- The undercard saw a lot of action this week, with dibula returning to action in a win. Nice to see him re-enter the fray on the right side of the ledger.

- Good effort by both subzero776 and SK9608, but only one could leave The Great Arena a winner! In the end, it was subzero776 picking up the victory in a close contest.

- DarknessDragon picked up his third straight win this week, besting Methuselah6463. It's been a struggle for him this year, so it's nice to see him back in the win column.

- TheMetinPorta had been on a bit of a roll lately, but that was stopped on Friday by none other than irulegames1234! This bout went right down to the end, and The Great Arena faithful were certainly impressed by the fighting spirits on display!

- Maridany met an untimely end during the Super Punch-Out ladder, but not before he defeated rick991 in a tight contest! He'll have to sit out for a while, but the win is a nice momentum booster heading into that hiatus.

- Few competitors have been more enigmatic than Asesino this year. Now sitting at 7-7, he hasn't built the momentum required to make a serious title push. The win over mwgrant0 this week will set him in the right direction, but I'm doubtful he can sustain it.

- The United put on a show this week, winning both of their Duo matches! The first was handled by the newly formed team of Ninja_Mime & Murdoink as they took out Y2K & UlcaTron! They're the most powerful stable going right now, and they've left nothing but destruction in their wake!

- Good win for coltess this week. Chryo_Spyder had been building a ton of confidence over the past few weeks, culminating in a close defeat two weeks ago. With title rumors still running wild, the win helps coltess stay in the picture... for now.

- NovaStarr looked sharp again this week, defeating former top player redman! It's been a long time since redman has seen the bright lights of title contention, but he didn't look overmatched out there. There's still some rust to be shaken off, but he performed well in the loss.

- In the second Duo affair of the night, it was Onryo & DeathScepter asserting themselves against Jerrod & Killswitch! With the latter's title match looming large at the next Supercard, this has to be a big boost to the victors' psyches.

- It turned out to be a bit of a squash, but LordSkarlet got back in the win column against a usually-game Sekktor. Not sure what the problem was for him this week, but his mind appeared to be elsewhere. LordSkarlet appears to be refocusing his efforts on claiming KFL gold!

- In yet another big match setting, jack4813 fell short. The benefactor this time was Baraka_MK, who may have put himself squarely in the driver's seat on the road to a title match! When will his next opportunity come? Stay tuned!
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07/22/2014 02:11 AM (UTC)
July 18th Results!

SK9608 d. dibula [+1]
TheMetinPorta d. subzero776 [+1]
tghuhyg19 d. nightbreed_16 [+1]
Jironobou d. hydraslash [+1]
MKRocket & blacksaibot d. redman & MINION [+1]
Philip94 d. kentei290 [+2]
Onimike d. legoslayer10 [+3]
Asesino d. Chryo_Spyder [+1]
ShoeUnited d. Sekktor [+1]
NovaStarr d. Ghostdragon [+1]
LordSkarlet d. Ninja_Mime [+3]
TonyTheTiger d. Scott-Howell (c) & Baraka_MK [+4/-3/-1] [KFL Championship]


- He hasn't had much to brag about this year, but when called upon SK9608 has consistently put on good matches! The unfortunate victim this time was dibula, who looked good in a win last week. He'll have to rebound in the coming battles.

- This has been a nice recent run of success for TheMetinPorta. He was easily one of the slowest starters in 2014, left at the blocks by nearly everyone else in the KFL! Slow and steady may well win this race, though, and he's taken his lumps and turned them into victories!

- While some have risen, others have fallen hard. I would say that nightbreed_16 is one of the latter group, adding another blemish to his record to the underdog, tghuhyg19. Solid win for the spirited challenger!

- Jironobou has been something of a lost soul in 2014, unable to find his way. His former partnership with jack4813 ended up leading him to nowhere, but the result here has to be encouraging. It's not like hydraslash has been taking the KFL by storm, but a win is a win.

- Nice to see MKRocket & blacksaibot get back in the win column this week. They've been on the wrong end of things for too long and so this was a sorely needed triumph. More hard luck for redman & MINION.

- Another feel good story this week is Philip94, who took down kentei290 in a comprehensive result! That's now three straight wins for the former champion, and the momentum is building!

- After a sobering defeat against one of the upper crust of the KFL, Onimike got right back at it this week against legoslayer10! The impact was equal to both LordSkarlet's against Mime and TTT's against Scott-Howell, giving him one of the biggest wins this week! Surely something to hang his hat on going forward.

- Don't look now, here comes Asesino! Getting a win over a recently elevated Chryo_Spyder has to feel good for him. As another fighter who struggled a bit to start the year, he's really taken advantage of the added experience! Looking forward to seeing what he does next.

- When two guys who often get overlooked come together, it's bound to bring out the best in both! Shoe probably deserves a title shot by now, but he continuously gets inserted in other high-profile fights! After defeating Sekktor, though, the bookers will have to take notice!

- Taking down a former champion is always a huge morale booster, and NovaStarr will look to take full advantage in the coming weeks! Clearly, she came to play this week! Ghostdragon must still be feeling the effects of his loss to Scott-Howell. This was not his best effort.

- The bookers are always considering title contention on a week-to-week basis, and I do believe that LordSkarlet inserted himself into that discussion! He's been itching to get a title opportunity ever since Genku interfered, and he may have earned his shot!

- Heading into this match, it was clear that the champion was a severe underdog. Though he fought valiantly to retain his title, it was not to be. TonyTheTiger has reached the pinnacle of the KFL and is the new champion!
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07/24/2014 12:34 AM (UTC)
Word from dirt sheets is that there will be a tournament held to crown the next #1 Contender! It will feature 16 fighters and it begins this week!
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07/26/2014 07:23 PM (UTC)
I hope I have a better score this time.grin
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07/29/2014 05:42 PM (UTC)
July 25th Results!

bdog_13 d. Methuselah6463 [+1]
irulegames1234 d. Murdoink [+1]
Philip94 d. Zentile [+1]
redman d. Onimike [+2]
Ghostdragon d. Jerrod [+1] [Contender Series]
Scott-Howell d. NovaStarr [+1] [Contender Series]
Baraka_MK d. Onryo [+1] [Contender Series]
CaTigeReptile d. jack4813 [+2] [Contender Series]
TheNinjasRock071394 d. coltess [+15] [Contender Series]
Sekktor d. 4avenger5 [+1] [Contender Series]
The_Purple_Bunny d. ShoeUnited [+1] [Contender Series]
LordSkarlet d. Ninja_Mime [+1] [Contender Series]


- With this being the first week of the Contender Series to determine TTT's next challenger, the undercard sort of got squeezed out here. That didn't stop bdog_13 from putting on a show, though! He really took to the opening match spotlight well and delivered a solid effort.

- It may not be a good year for Murdoink, but still, a win over a name like that is sure to provide a major confidence boost! This time it was irulegames1234 going over, and The Great Arena crowd seemed to enjoy the contest!

- The road to redemption is long and hard for Philip94, but thus far he's delivered admirable efforts week after week. The original plan was for Philip94 to face Maridany here, but when his opponent was put out of action, Zentile was named the replacement. It's a nice win on short notice for Philip94.

- While his Duo career isn't exactly taking off, redman's singles endeavors remain fruitful! Onimike has had a very nice year thus far and the win has to be a momentum maker for redman going forward. Nice outing for the former champion.

- Ghostdragon kicked off the Contender Series tournament with a win over Jerrod. Selection of candidates was based on performance in 2014, with everyone who has held the KFL Championship at least once this year gaining automatic entry. Jerrod qualified largely on the back of his Duo merits, but was unable to translate that prowess here. Tough break.

- In another battle of former champion against championship hopeful, the veteran came out on top! Scott-Howell benefited a little bit from not having to stare down a heavyweight in round one, but NovaStarr still proved to be a worthy opponent! It was an evenly-matched bout until the end, but Howell proved too strong.

- The random draw produced some enticing first round matches, but none more steeped in bad blood than BMK vs. Onryo! The most feared duo in the KFL early on, Onryo turned on his partner to join The United and the rivalry has been fierce ever since! It was "The Dude" gaining the ultimate measure of revenge here, perhaps silencing this feud for the time being.

- You know, jack4813 really deserved better than this. He's a former KFL Champion (2012) and he's been back to the top of the mountain a few times since then, but unable to reclaim gold. In the first round draw, he suffered the unfortunate fate of facing CTR! She showed no mercy here, delivering a +2 impact to yet again end his dream while moving a step closer to her own: an unprecedented sixth KFL Championship! Next up: BMK!

- Then again, no one was unluckier than coltess, drawing the 4-time KFL Champion "Y2K" in round one! Some said that he didn't deserve to be here, citing Nephrite, Killswitch, CCShadow, and even Asesino as more suitable entrants. While the result proves the detractors right, any of those other names may have fared just as poorly.

- Another name that raised a few eyebrows, Sekktor proved he belonged with a win over a very game 4avenger5! It was a close match that had The Great Arena on its collective feet, and afterwards the energy indicated that the right man won. Sekktor will face Scott-Howell next week in a quarterfinal match!

- Many will believe that Shoe got screwed, drawing arguably the strongest competitor in the tournament in TPB. Whatever your opinion on the matter, it didn't stop Shoe from giving it his all! Unfortunately for him, it wasn't enough, but I do believe he's earned some considerations going forward. Stay tuned! Next week, TPB will take on Ghostdragon for the right to advance to the semis!

- Our final match of the evening pitted two former KFL Champions and the atmosphere was electric! LordSkarlet and Ninja_Mime squared off in what was definitely the most hyped first round match, far more than even BMK vs. Onryo! In the end, LordSkarlet was the one having his arm raised in victory, but as they say, never count out The United! I'm sure they'll be having some sort of influence over the proceedings going forward... perhaps next week, when LordSkarlet faces Y2K in yet another storyline-charged encounter?
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08/02/2014 07:52 PM (UTC)
August 1st Results!

dibula d. zebraska [+1]
JUST_A_TARKATAN d. nightbreed_16 [+1]
Unknown265 & mwgrant0 d. redman & MINION [+1]
kentei290 d. irulegames1234 [+1]
UlcaTron d. rick991 [+1]
Asesino d. Philip94 [+1]
Onryo & DeathScepter d. Jerrod & Killswitch [+1]
Scott-Howell d. Sekktor [+4] (Quarterfinal)
CaTigeReptile d. Baraka_MK [+1] (Quarterfinal)
The_Purple_Bunny d. Ghostdragon [+1] (Quarterfinal)
LordSkarlet d. TheNinjasRock071394 [+1] (Quarterfinal)
VenoMark d. TonyTheTiger [+1] (Non-Title)


- You might jokingly say that dibula's win here shouldn't even count, because it was over the last place fighter, zebraska. I say that a win is a win, no matter how you get it and who it's against! At least, that's the way of the KFL! The league's greatest troll did just that and earned the victory!

- I had expected this result to go the other way, but it was JUST_A_TARKATAN pulling out a narrow win! He hasn't had the best fortune in 2014, but it looks like he's beginning to turn it around! Tough break for nightbreed_16, who can't seem to buy a win lately.

- Our first Duo bout of the night continued the trend of Unknown265 & mwgrant0 having redman & MINION's numbers! On their own, neither Unknown265 nor mwgrant0 has been able to find much success, but together they're becoming a more formidable unit! Good for them!

- Nice win for the unheralded kentei290. He came to play this week and it showed! The onslaught was a bit too much for irulegames1234 to handle, but he shouldn't be discouraged in defeat!

- A rare singles win for UlcaTron! He really brought it this week against rick991, who had a very good record heading into last week's action! Ulca clearly has shown how much he's learned from teaming with the dominant TNR in this win. Can he parlay this into singles success?

- It would seem that there's a noticeable split between the haves and the have-nots in the KFL, and when you're about to make that leap to the more desirable side, there's bound to be stiff competition! Asesino arguably could've been included in the #1 Contender tournament off the back of his recent success, but bookers felt he has more to prove! With the win over Philip94, are they satisfied?

- The United continue to run wild! Ever since adding to their ranks, they've run roughshod over the KFL in both singles and Duo competition! This time, Onryo & DeathScepter scored a big victory over the strong team of Jerrod & Killswitch. After the match, they continued their assault! What will this mean going forward?

- Is this an upset? Hard to say when the winner is a 4-time KFL Champion, but Sekktor was certainly the stronger of the two on paper. A stunning +4 blow paved Howell's way to the semifinals, and one step closer to earning a rematch with TTT! Big victory for him!

- Not all feel good stories end that way. BMK has been struggling a bit to find his footing in the singles division, but he's still a fan favorite and has come close on multiple occasions! However, against the strength of "The Guardian," he could not muster enough offense! CTR looked to be in control throughout, and asserted herself into the semifinals!

- As the biggest heavyweight in the tournament, The_Purple_Bunny is considered the favorite by the majority of The Great Arena faithful. However, he faced a stiff challenge from none other than "The Silent Assassin," Ghostdragon! With both mean striving to reach the top again, it was TPB's might that proved too much. TPB collides with former KFL Champion Scott-Howell in the semifinals!

- It may not have been for the top prize, but the stakes were still extremely high when two of the KFL's best met in the quarterfinals! With a potential title opportunity on the line, LordSkarlet took care of business and advanced to the semifinals! He will meet CaTigeReptile there!

- Rather than wait for the tournament to conclude, newly-crowned KFL Champion TonyTheTiger wanted to stay active and take on powerful opponents! Enter VenoMark, who is a while removed from the peak of the mountain! Showing no rust, the challenger felled the champion! Surely this must throw a wrench in title plans!
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08/12/2014 08:08 PM (UTC)
August 8th Results!

bdog_13 d. subzero776 [+1]
dibula d. nightbreed_16 [+1]
tghuhyg19 d. rick991 [+1]
JUST_A_TARKATAN d. Jironobou [+1]
Chryo_Spyder d. legoslayer10 [+3]
Onimike d. Philip94 [+1]
Murdoink d. Baraka_MK [+1]
Onryo & DeathScepter d. TheNinjasRock071394 & UlcaTron [+1]
ShoeUnited & Ninja_Mime d. Jerrod & Killswitch [+1]
The_Purple_Bunny d. Scott-Howell [+13] (Tournament Semifinal)
LordSkarlet d. CaTigeReptile! [+1] (Tournament Semifinal)
Mick-Lucifer d. TonyTheTiger [+20] (Non-Title)

- Opening the card is never a desirable position, but one must roll with the punches and try to deliver a good show nonetheless. I believe that bdog_13 accomplished that tonight, displaying sound fighting tactics in his win over subzero776. A close result, but one I'm sure he will remember fondly.

- There's been a lot of mystery and intrigue surrounding dibula as of late. Who are The Horde, and what do they want with The Great Arena and the KFL? As one of the originals, dibula is beginning to become feared across the ranks, and this win over nightbreed_16 will only increase those sentiments!

- It's been a quiet year for tghuhyg19, only appearing in seven contests thus far in 2014, but he's made the most of those opportunities, posting a solid 5-2 record! We'll have to see if he can duplicate the feat against some stronger competition, or if this is all just a fluke run!

- I believe this result is a bit of a surprise. JUST_A_TARKATAN has been showing promise in his recent outings, and his win over Murdoink at the end of June continues to look stronger and stronger. I feel that perhaps Jironobou underestimated his adversary this week. He'll have to do better next time out.

- Nice win for Chryo_Spyder, who I'm sure is still feeling snubbed after being left out of the #1 Contender Tournament. It may have come against a struggling opponent in legoslayer10, but if you want to reach the top, you must first prove that you can take care of business against beatable fighters.

- Onimike continues to add solid wins to his résumé! While Philip94 is trying to regain the glory he once had, Onimike wants to taste a piece of the pie for the first time! He's slowly beginning to really position himself favorably for a run at the top!

- Murdoink springs the upset! He's really been down on his luck in 2014, but this win is sure to set him back on the right track. The defeat will be difficult to swallow for BMK, who didn't give his best effort. After the match, The United surrounded the ring and added some insult to injury for the defeated BMK! What could this mean?

- This highly anticipated Duo Division match pitted two up and coming teams against one another, and it was The United coming out on top! The deck seemed stacked against "Y2K" and UlcaTron, and after the match we saw yet another run-in by The United! Strength in numbers is definitely the trump card for them!

- Chalk up another win for The United, with their power duo of Shoe & Mime taking out the best team outside their ranks in Jerrod & Killswitch! Also keeping with the theme of the previous matches involving The United, the winners continued to apply the beating after the match ended! There's sure to be a massive encounter next week!

- No trouble this week for The_Purple_Bunny, who steamrolled 4-time KFL Champion Scott-Howell on his way to the tournament final! A staggering +13 erupted from TPB and shook The Great Arena to its core! His opponent for next week has certainly been put on notice!

- Some would argue that this tournament semifinal should have been the main event, and the resulting battle proved worthy of that distinction! LordSkarlet and CaTigeReptile were both eager to get another crack at the title, but only one could leave with their hand raised! In the end, it was LordSkarlet who won, and I think this was the right result. Tough task for LordSkarlet next week, though.

- In his efforts to remain active ahead of his first real title defense, TonyTheTiger elected to challenge one of the most storied names in Great Arena history: Mick-Lucifer! The result was swift and comprehensive; Mick struck down the KFL Champion with little difficulty. A learning experience for sure.
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08/20/2014 11:27 PM (UTC)
August 15th Results!

TheMetinPorta d. hydraslash [+1]
irulegames1234 d. dibula [+1]
Jironobou d. MINION [+1]
Onimike d. kentei290 [+3]
MKR & blacksaibot d. Unknown265 & mwgrant0 [+2]
Philip94 d. legoslayer10 [+1]
4avenger5 d. Coltess & Nephrite [+3/-2/-1]
NovaStarr d. Chryo_Spyder & jack4813 [+4/-3/-1]
Ghostdragon d. Sekktor [+1]
CaTigeReptile d. Scott-Howell [+2]
United Services d. Team KFL [5-4] (5-on-5 Elimination)
LordSkarlet d. The_Purple_Bunny [+2] (Tournament Final)

United Services v Team KFL 5-on-5 Eliminations:
1. Baraka_MK (KFL) elim. DeathScepter (United)
2. Baraka_MK (KFL) elim. Onryo (United)
3. Murdoink (United) elim. Baraka_MK (KFL)
4. Murdoink (United) elim. Killswitch (KFL)
5. Jerrod (KFL) elim. Murdoink (United)
6. Ninja_Mime (United) elim. Jerrod (KFL)
7. Ninja_Mime (United) elim. UlcaTron (KFL)
8. TheNinjasRock071394 (KFL) elim. Ninja_Mime (United)
9. ShoeUnited (United) elim. TheNinjasRock071394 (KFL)

- Nice opening bout. TheMetinPorta has been showing signs of turning the corner lately and I think that's a good thing. Tough break for hydraslash, but there will be more battles ahead.

- Interesting to see dibula of "The Horde" fall in this match. The faction would make you believe that they operate from a position of strength, but it didn't appear that way in this match. Nice win for irulegames1234.

- Has Jironobou righted the ship? I think it's too soon to tell, but a victory over a seasoned KFL veteran like MINION might be just the ticket. Neither of these guys has had a stellar 2014, so this result might have been for nothing anyway.

- Convincing win for Onimike this week, picking up a solid +3 impact on kentei290. He's probably the next elevation candidate, as he's shown his ability to take care of business this year. It'll be interesting to see where he goes from here.

- As one of the better KFL duos in the early stages of this year, MKR & blacksaibot were once riding high. They've fallen on hard times since then, though, but now they've returned to the winners' circle. Unknown265 & mwgrant0 were fighting above their weight class here, but they did earn valuable experience.

- Even though he's had his struggles, I still think it's fair to say that legoslayer10 is a noteworthy opponent - if you beat him, which is exactly what Philip94 did this week! Solid effort put forth by the former champ, and it's another step on his road to redemption.

- 4avenger5 really showed his strength in this match, dispatching both coltess and Nephrite without much difficulty. After a lengthy winning streak early in the year, he's posted a pedestrian 4-6 record, but defeating two guys who have challenged for the title previously is always a strong statement.

- NovaStarr handled her business as well, taking care of both jack4813 and Chryo_Spyder in the second triple threat match. She's probably closer to a title opportunity than 4avenger5 is, and the thought of having them square off is certainly a tantalizing one now!

- Sekktor just hasn't been able to put it together this year. He received a title shot right as the calendar turned but since then he's been up and down. Ghostdragon did his part here; he showed up, put forth a solid effort, and was rewarded for it. However, it's leaves a lot of questions about the loser here.

- CTR shouldn't have had much trouble with Scott-Howell, and she didn't. As the two semifinal losers in the #1 Contender Tournament, making this match was all too easy for the bookers. Whether or not this vaults her into a title match remains to be seen, but be on the lookout!

- The attacks on various KFL members finally came to a head when United Services took on a team made up of their victims! A close contest that came down to the final men for each side had The Great Arena on the edge of its collective seat! While he did well to take care of Ninja_Mime, TNR was unable to then defeat a fresh ShoeUnited. There were nice showings here for Murdoink and BMK as well. It'll be interesting to see what they do going forward.

- The main event was nothing short of a shocking upset! I fully expected TPB to take this match and enter next week as the #1 Contender and probably the favorite to dethrone TonyTheTiger atop the KFL, but LordSkarlet had other ideas! He was more than equal to the task, finishing the fight with a solid +2 impact. Can he capture the gold?
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08/26/2014 11:37 PM (UTC)
August 22nd Results!

SK9608 d. Methuselah6463 & subzero776 [+2/-1/-1]
bdog_13 d. DarknessDragon [+1]
rick991 d. TheMetinPorta [+1]
tghuhyg19 d. MINION [+1]
kentei290 d. JUST_A_TARKATAN & irulegames1234 [+2/-1/-1]
Philip94 d. redman [+1]
coltess d. Onimike [+3]
4avenger5 d. Scott-Howell [+1]
Ghostdragon d. NovaStarr [+2]
Ninja_Mime & Murdoink d. Jerrod & Killswitch [+1]
CaTigeReptile d. ShoeUnited [+2]
LordSkarlet d. TonyTheTiger (c) [+1] [KFL Championship]


- Solid opening bout here. SK9608 came to play and he did just that, taking care of both of his opponents. Rough outing for Methuselah6463, who I really thought was going to turn the corner. Them's the breaks.

- I like bdog_13's effort in the win. He's struggled a bit this year, but he hasn't let himself get discouraged and I think he'll be better off for it. DarknessDragon might want to do the same in the coming weeks.

- A pair of 5-5 records squared off this week, and in the end it was rick991 pulling out a narrow win! He did what he had to do to get the win, and unfortunately the same cannot be said for TheMetinPorta. Valuable experience gained, I'm sure.

- The saga of tghuhyg19 continues! He runs his impressive record to 6-2 with a victory over "The Manhunter". His momentum is truly at an all-time high! The loss is just another in a rough season for MINION. He's been a disappointment in 2014.

- Our second triple threat fight carried the same theme as the first. This time, it was kentei290 who took the initiative and downed both of his adversaries! This was the expected result, I think. He's been showing flashes of brilliance this year and I believe this was yet another.

- This was a statement win for Philip94! Two former champions entered the ring with dreams of taking that next step, but only one could realize that goal! A determined Philip94 made sure that he was the one who had his arm raised.

- Though it has been confirmed that these two fighters were casualties of the ongoing Great Arena tournament, coltess and Onimike put on a good match before their untimely demises. Onimike was itching to add another big win to his list, while coltess was trying to remain relevant. The latter delivered, scoring a +3 impact to silence the critics... for now.

- I'm not sure how he's doing it, but 4avenger5 has a knack for beating tough foes! This week's poor victim is former KFL Champion Scott-Howell, and the result really highlights the unfortunate circumstances that 4avenger5 has faced since his unbeaten streak ended. He seems to beat guys after they've lost the belt. When will it be his turn in the spotlight again?

- Ghostdragon took care of business this week, delivering a decisive +2 impact in his win over NovaStarr. These two have had some great battles this year, and I'm sure we haven't seen the last of either one at the top of the mountain. I'm interested to see what's next for each.

- With Shoe dealing with a #1 Contender Match, Mime had to pick another one of his United Services buddies as a tag partner. He chose Murdoink, who lately has had the run of strength that we had hoped for all year! The result was further proof that they're the top faction in the KFL, as they once again defeated Jerrod & Killswitch.

- We have a new #1 Contender! Shoe fought hard to get himself to the brink of greatness, but CaTigeReptile would not be denied! The one they call "The Guardian" was on top of her game this week, taking the fight to Shoe in a comprehensive result.

- For the new top contender, a new champion to face! LordSkarlet took care of business in TTT's first official defense, and he has claimed the mantle that should've been his months ago! With the power shifting back towards The Great Arena's strongest fighters, can another Cinderella story reach the top?
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08/29/2014 10:21 PM (UTC)
August 29th Results!

nightbreed_16 d. Zentile [+1]
hydraslash d. dibula [+1]
Maridany d. irulegames1234 [+1]
tghuhyg19 d. kentei290 [+1]
Chryo_Spyder d. Killswitch [+3]
Philip94 d. Asesino [+1]
DeathScepter d. jack4813 [+2]
4avenger5 d. NovaStarr [+1]
Ninja_Mime & ShoeUnited d. Scott-Howell & CCShadow [+1]
Ghostdragon d. Baraka_MK & Onryo [+1/--/-1]
redman d. m0s3pH [+2]
CaTigeReptile d. LordSkarlet (c) [+1] [KFL Championship]

- I'm glad that nightbreed_16 found a way to get back on the right track. He had been struggling mightily in recent weeks and so this win will do wonders for him. Zentile showed some rust tonight, and that's a little concerning going forward.

- With "The Horde" still trying to gain a foothold in the ranks of The Great Arena, and potentially more members to be revealed in the future, it really looks poor that their leader, dibula, is having trouble putting opponents away. Nice win for hydraslash, maybe he makes something of this.

- Maridany recently returned to action after suffering the dreaded -1up, and he's enjoyed modest success thus far. Defeating someone who had some momentum in irulegames1234 is certainly a statement. It remains to be seen whether he can springboard from this, but we'll see.

- The solid run continues for tghuhyg19! Once considered an afterthought in the KFL ranks, this upstart fighter has really come on strong recently! He's beaten the better names in his weight class, so perhaps a step up is in order! Hard luck for kentei290, this spot might have been his if the result were reversed.

- It isn't often that Killswitch steps into the ring solo, but given the experience he's amassed this year the bookers felt it could work. Chryo_Spyder showed no mercy though, delivering a big +3 impact to finish the fight. It may not be now, but believe me; Killswitch's time is coming.

- The journey has been arduous for Philip94, to be sure. Languishing in the lower ranks since losing the KFL Championship, he's been tirelessly fighting his way back into relevancy. Asesino suffers the loss this time, but there will be more bouts in his future.

- I'm not sure what it is about DeathScepter, but opponents almost always seem tentative when he stands in their way. He's certainly used the fear to his advantage this year, claiming another victim in jack4813. The momentum he has now certainly could turn into a title shot. Stay tuned!

- Wow, 4avenger5 refuses to give up! A couple of wins recently have him once again knocking on the door of greatness, and topping an established fighter like NovaStarr will really help his argument! The victor appeared to be fighting like his former self again, and he regained his finishing touch that he possessed in the winter.

- Can United Services be stopped? For long time KFL tag team greats Scott-Howell and CCShadow, the answer was a resounding "no!" Mime & Shoe have laid waste to the entire Duo Division here in the KFL, and seemingly the only thing missing from their trophy case is the coveted KFL Championship. Who will get it, though?

- The man they call "Silent Assassin" has once again quietly worked his way to within one match of the belt! Taking on both Onryo and BMK, Ghostdragon chose to bide his time and pick off the winner of the first fall. The move paid off, as he took care of BMK to become the new #1 Contender!

- It's official, the tournament upset was not a fluke! After dropping his encounter with redman early on in the tournament, m0s3pH made this grudge match to exact his revenge! Things didn't go as planned, though, and redman earns another win over a big name! Will there be a third installment next week?

- History has been made in the KFL! After finally claiming the champion's mantle, LordSkarlet's reign lasts only 7 days and "The Guardian" becomes the KFL's first ever 6-time champion! As one of the greatest ever to lace 'em up in the sub-league, she's going to be tough to knock off her perch. Can Ghostdragon do exactly that next week?
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09/10/2014 07:41 PM (UTC)
September 5th Results!

DarknessDragon d. subzero776 [+1]
dibula d. SK9608 [+1]
rick991 d. TheMetinPorta [+1]
MINION d. mwgrant0 [+1]
legoslayer10 d. Jironobou [+2]
Murdoink d. Unknown265 [+2]
Philip94 d. tghuhyg19 [+1]
Chryo_Spyder d. Asesino [+1]
Scott-Howell & CCShadow d. TheNinjasRock071394 & UlcaTron [+1]
4avenger5 d. DeathScepter [+1]
m0s3pH d. redman [+24]
CaTigeReptile (c) d. Ghostdragon [+1] [KFL Championship]

- DarknessDragon picks up a building block win to open the card. He needed to jump start his fortunes for the future and he did just that! Tough break for subzero776 this week. He really gave it his all, but someone had to lose.

- Score a win for "The Horde" as dibula took care of SK9608! It wasn't a very convincing effort by the victor, but he did enough to get his arm raised and for that he deserves to be commended. I think at this point The Great Arena is simply wondering when "The Horde" will really make their statement!

- There was a definite need for rick991 to put forth his best effort this week and I believe we got it from him. TheMetinPorta had built up a nice string of success over the past few months, so to halt that streak is going to do wonders for rick991's confidence going forward.

- What an undercard bout! MINION and mwgrant0 put on a classic match that was worthy of a championship encounter! The match nearly ended in a draw, but it was MINION who got the last word! This will surely spill over into next week!

- In a battle of 2014 disappointments, it was the tenacity of legoslayer10 that won the day! While the result may do little to convince anyone that he's more than an afterthought at this point, it has to feel good to come out on top. Maybe he'll parlay this into more success!

- Chalk up another win for The United! Murdoink has really come on strong the past few weeks, as the once perceived weak link of the stable has really taken care of business. This was a big opportunity for Unknown265 to get a statement win, and he whiffed. Better luck next time.

- It seems we've finally found someone who could slow the momentum of tghuhyg19, and that man is Philip94! With the prospects of a better push looming overhead, Philip94 seized the moment and left no doubt about who the better fighter is!

- In a year of near misses for up and coming competitors, Chryo_Spyder now finds himself squarely on the cusp of the main event! With many of the KFL's heavy hitters taking the week off, this was a major opportunity for someone to step up and prove their worth! Tough break for Asesino, but he shouldn't count himself out just yet.

- It just hasn't been working lately for the team of Y2K & UlcaTron. With the singular power of the 4-time KFL Champion not enough to carry them against the league's toughest teams, the struggling duo appear to be at a crossroads. Nice win for CCS and Howell, who once again showed their cohesiveness!

- It feels like we've done this dance a couple of times before! 4avenger5 has once again brought himself to within spitting distance of the pinnacle! Only problem is, he can't seem to time it right! Each time he's reached this point, there has been an overwhelmingly strong champion at the top. Can he beat the odds and claim gold? Will there be a third participant?

- No, there will not! After consecutive upset wins over KFL Commissioner m0s3pH, redman was given the opportunity of a lifetime! Make it a 3-peat, and go on to a 3-way match for the title! However, it was not to be on this night, as he was struck down with the devastating force of a +24 impact!

- Ghostdragon knows what it takes to become a champion, but the challenger could not do enough to bring the title back to The Cult of Crow! CTR looked to be in complete control of the contest, and she put together a solid performance in a successful defense. Will 4avenger5 complete his fairy tale run to the top? Find out next week!
09/11/2014 02:02 PM (UTC)
I will regain my title CTR sooner or later. Watch yourself.
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09/16/2014 11:21 PM (UTC)
September 12th Results!

Methuselah6463 d. zebraska [+1]
Zentile d. nightbreed_16 [+1]
hydraslash d. dibula [+1]
JUST_A_TARKATAN d. irulegames1234 [+1]
redman & MINION d. Unknown265 & mwgrant0 [+1]
Maridany d. kentei290 [+1]
TonyTheTiger d. Sekktor [+3]
Philip94 d. DeathScepter [+1]
TheNinjasRock071394 & UlcaTron d. Jerrod & Killswitch [+1]
ShoeUnited & Ninja_Mime d. CCShadow & Scott-Howell [+1]
Baraka_MK d. Onryo & NovaStarr [+3/-2/-1]
CaTigeReptile (c) d. 4avenger5 [+8] [KFL Championship]

- Another opportunity gone awry for zebraska. With a 1-11-1 record, there's been nothing to be proud of in 2014. His only win came over the now banished hankypanky1, so we're not sure it even counts. Good showing for Methuselah6463, all the same.

- With rumors flying about The Horde and its potential members, everyone in the KFL has been put on notice! Zentile narrowly won this encounter, but that isn't the story here. This was a very different nightbreed_16 from what we're used to seeing, folks! I wonder what it could mean?

- If it does indeed have something to do with The Horde, it's good news for dibula! What wasn't good news, however, is that hydraslash had his hand raised at the end of their bout! Much like the last match, we saw a different fighter in dibula tonight. He was more aggressive and certainly more relentless!

- It wasn't easy for JUST_A_TARKATAN, but when is it ever? He got all he could handle from irulegames1234 this week! JUST_A_TARKATAN displayed superior resilience and it paid off in the end. He seems to be fighting with a renewed focus lately, perhaps this is his ticket to the top?

- The wildly inconsistent pairing of redman & MINION proved to be good enough this week against Unknown265 & mwgrant0. These two teams have gone back and forth against one another for most of 2014, so it's no surprise to see another close result between them.

- That's now consecutive wins for Maridany! He missed some time earlier after suffering grave injuries, but he's been better than ever since returning! This could be a career resurrection happening right before our eyes, folks! Stand up and take notice!

- Business as usual for TTT this week. Sekktor's been one of the bigger disappointments of 2014. Big things were expected when he got an impromptu title shot in the very first FNF of the year, but everything has spiraled out of control for him!

- The legend grows! Philip94 is one step closer to realizing his boyhood dream! Taking out a fighter like DeathScepter is no small task, and the result is sure to send ripples throughout the KFL! For now, though, the question begs: who's next for Philip94, and can he overcome them?

- It's always nice to see some friendly competition around these parts, and that's exactly what we got here in this match. These four teamed with Baraka_MK in a losing effort against United Services, so the grounds for a match were there. In the end, it was TNR & UlcaTron who were slightly better. No shame in the loss for Jerrod & Killswitch.

- Our featured Duo Division match left us with more questions than answers! During the fight, there was visible dissension for Shoe & Mime as they were frustrated early on by the seasoned vets, CCShadow & Scott-Howell! After the match, the argument continued! Could we be seeing the weakening of the KFL's greatest power group?

- After biding his time in the early stages, Baraka_MK delivered a swift +3 impact to his former partner and once again became the #1 Contender! Onryo did well to eliminate NovaStarr from this triple threat match, but it took too much out of him! He ended up being easy pickings for someone as talented as BMK!

- Once again, it was not meant to be! 4avenger5 has come tantalizingly close to the KFL Championship on a number of occasions this year, but he has not been able to capitalize on the opportunities! CaTigeReptile displayed her dominance out there tonight, and the robust +8 was proof positive of her championship pedigree!
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09/24/2014 08:39 PM (UTC)
September 19th Results!

SK9608 d. subzero776 [+1]
hydraslash d. bdog_13 [+1]
DarknessDragon d. TheMetinPorta [+1]
Unknown265 & mwgrant0 d. Asesino & nightbreed_16 [+1]
tghuhyg19 d. rick991 [+1]
MKRocket & blacksaibot d. redman & MINION [+1]
CCShadow d. Murdoink [+2]
jack4813 d. Nephrite [+1]
TheNinjasRock071394 d. Scott-Howell [+1]
Ghostdragon d. Philip94 [+1]
Ninja_Mime d. ShoeUnited [+3]
CaTigeReptile (c) d. Baraka_MK [+30] [KFL Championship]

- I'm still waiting for one of the undercard fighters to really impress and warrant more opportunities. SK9608 hasn't put up gaudy numbers and impacts in his wins, but he has delivered workman-like performances and I definitely respect that.

- It wasn't pretty, but hydraslash got it done this week against bdog_13. It's another case of neither fighter being able to produce a compelling performance, though. We need some fresh blood in the midcard, but someone's got to want it.

- We've seen these two tangle a few times before and they've consistently put out good matches. Last week was no different, as DarknessDragon picked up the win by a narrow margin. Looking forward to seeing more installments in this rivalry.

- This was the debut match as a team for Asesino & nightbreed_16, members of the newly realized Horde. It wasn't a bad first effort for them, but Unknown265 & mwgrant0 did get the win comprehensively. I expect them to get the issues ironed out soon.

- When I say the midcard needs more new guys, I'm looking for someone exactly like tghuhyg19. There was a time when rick991 looked like he could be that guy, but a recent run of losses has put the damper on those prospects. We'll see if tghuhyg19 continues to be brought along slowly, or if now is the time for him to make a jump.

- Business as usual for MKRocket & blacksaibot; they can take care of business against all the teams lower than them, but struggle mightily against the upper crust. That's really what's holding them back from better things, and that includes perhaps a solo run at the KFL Championship for one of them.

- No problems for CCShadow this time out against Murdoink, who has been a bit of a surprise winner over the last few weeks. Shadow's been putting up wins and strong efforts since reuniting with Scott-Howell, and he'll need to continue that trend in order to move forward.

- One has to wonder if this truly is the last shot for jack4813. He's been strong against mid-level talent and even some of those above that tier, but he has not been able to break through and win the belt for a second time. Nephrite may have been just a stepping stone to that end, but I think more likely it'll be another win on the path to a championship disappointment.

- TNR has made it very clear that he wants the KFL belt back, challenging and defeating Scott-Howell in a match with potential title implications. He's not done teaming with UlcaTron; he simply saw the opportunity to win the championship again and is pursuing it.

- Philip94 was probably out of his weight class here, and even though his match with Ghostdragon wasn't that close, there were some positives to take out of it for him. He didn't get badly hurt, and so it stands to reason that he at least defended himself well out there. Could be something to watch going forward.

- Big win for The Horde. He may not be one of the original members, but there's no doubt that Mime is the kingpin now! He really brought it this week, displaying an edge that we caught a glimpse of last week! This aggressive streak is sure to pay dividends, but this war between him and Shoe is not over yet!

- Dang.
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10/01/2014 01:24 AM (UTC)
September 26th Results!

mwgrant0 d. hydraslash [+1]
Unknown265 d. Jironobou [+1]
UlcaTron d. nightbreed_16 [+1]
JUST_A_TARKATAN d. kentei290 [+1]
legoslayer10 d. tghuhyg19 [+1]
Killswitch d. Asesino [+1]
Philip94 d. jack4813 [+1]
CCShadow & Scott-Howell d. MKRocket & blacksaibot [+3]
coltess d. Jerrod [+1]
TonyTheTiger d. DeathScepter [+3]
Mime & dibula d. Shoe & Murdoink [+1]
TheNinjasRock071394 d. LordSkarlet & Ghostdragon [+2/-1/-1]

- Normally this match would be slightly further down the card, but with a lineup full of heavy hitters, mwgrant0 gets to open the night's festivities with a victory. He's always been a solid Duo performer who hasn't put it together solo. I wonder if this is a turning point.

- His partner, Unknown265, enjoyed similar success in a somewhat surprising win over Jironobou. Great night all around for this team. Jironobou looked alright out there, but didn't have enough in the tank to turn the tables in the end. A rough 2014 has only gotten worse.

- Solid performance by UlcaTron this week. He might not have won this matchup a few months ago, but since teaming with TNR he's gained valuable experience, and it shows! I don't know how much farther he climbs before the calendar turns, but he could be one to watch in 2015 and beyond.

- After a number of nice outings, it appears that kentei290 is beginning to struggle. He's had issues when facing opponents outside of his weight class, but not against those of similar skill. An unusual loss for him to be sure. All the same, it's a good win for J_A_T, and it should give him a boost heading into October.

- It was an underrated storyline coming in; a budding contender in tghuhyg19 going up against the fallen star that is legoslayer10. A chance for both to take the next step! In the end, it was legoslayer10 who took care of business. It'll be interesting to see what he does next!

- Another warrior forged in Duo battles, Killswitch stepped outside his comfort zone and delivered a winning performance! The loss by Asesino made it 0-for-2 this week for The Horde. It's proven difficult to win solo matches for the group, which seems to be predicated on strength in numbers!

- The plot thickens for Philip94! Picking up a win over any established contender is cause for excitement, but getting it against someone like jack4813 has got to feel good for him! It looks like jack is entering another valley in this season of ups and downs.

- Still out to prove that they're the KFL's best team, CCShadow & Scott-Howell made quick work of MKRocket & blacksaibot! With other top factions in action this week, the time was now to come away with a statement win and they've done just that!

- A nice return to activity for coltess, as he picked up a close win over Jerrod! I'm not sure that either of these guys are fit to challenge for the championship right now, but they could be on the watch list in the coming months. The picture at the top is kind of muddled right now, anyway.

- TTT continues his winning ways with a +3 impact against DeathScepter! The outcome was never in doubt, but The Great Arena still showed its appreciation for the two competitors! DeathScepter has shown over the last few weeks that he's ready for more opportunities, and this will be a learning experience.

- The Horde redeemed their evening with a Duo Division win over United Services! Mime & dibula looked like a seasoned pairing out there, and not like it was their first go-round! Even though Mime is the strongest fighter on either side, this has to be considered an upset.

- We have ourselves a new #1 contender! The man known as Y2K has once again brought himself to the brink of glory! After his dominating reign earlier in the year, the rest of the KFL can't be happy with this development. Can "The Guardian" retain her title and prevent certain punishment?
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