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RE: MKO Internet Relay Kombat - Week 2 Winter Olympic Recap
10/02/2014 04:31 AM EST
Ooh, a belated birthday win over Jerrod. Nice to see my relevancy is no longer in question... for now
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RE: MKO Internet Relay Kombat - August 8th Results
10/08/2014 01:59 PM EST
October 3rd Results!

Zentile d. subzero776 [+1]
SK9608 d. Methuselah6463 [+1]
rick991 d. DarknessDragon [+1]
TheMetinPorta d. irulegames1234 [+1]
Maridany d. JUST_A_TARKATAN [+1]
Jerrod & Killswitch d. MKRocket & blacksaibot [+1]
Nephrite d. Chryo_Spyder [+1]
4avenger5 d. Baraka_MK [+2]
CCShadow & Scott-Howell d. Onryo & DeathScepter [+1]
NovaStarr d. Coltess [+1]
Ninja_Mime d. ShoeUnited & TonyTheTiger [+2/-1/-1]
CaTigeReptile (c) d. TheNinjasRock071394 [+1] [KFL Championship]

- Solid collection of matches from the undercard this week. Zentile returned to action and looked sharp against subzero776. SK9608 scored another win in a run of close calls in recent months. In another tight contest, rick991 defeated DarknessDragon to improve to 8-6 on the year. TheMetinPorta did enough to edge out irulegames1234 and pick up another couple of places in the rankings. Finally, Maridany slowed JUST_A_TARKATAN's momentum in a fight that came down to the final blow! With sinister creations looming in the year's final months, these guys will have to take advantage of every opportunity if they are to ascend the KFL ladder.

- The KFL doesn't have a Duo championship, but you could make the argument that there are enough quality teams to support one by now! Jerrod & Killswitch would have to be near the front of the line in terms of fictitious title shots, but alas, we'll just have to wait for now.

- Nephrite needed a win to remain relevant in the upper crust of the KFL, and he did just that. It was nothing short of a convincing win for the man who had tons of success early in 2014 but couldn't parlay that into a championship run. Chryo_Spyder demanded a rematch after the fight ended, and Nephrite would not say whether or not he accepted! Stay tuned!

- I would say that 4avenger5 beating BMK is surprising, but we've grown to understand just how dangerous the former has been against top opponents! Never wanting to fade away, 4avenger5 has been consistent against the best of the best! No shame in the loss for BMK, and I expect him to improve going forward.

- Getting back to the lack of a Duo title in the KFL, would anyone doubt that CCShadow & Scott-Howell would be the first to hold such a championship? When together, they have been the KFL's best in 2014, outperforming teams such as Jerrod & Killswitch, MKRocket & blacksaibot, and now the formidable United Services tandem of Onryo & DeathScepter!

- It was a great return match for coltess last week, defeating Jerrod in a close contest! He was not able to continue that momentum, however, as NovaStarr came away with the victory! With the super heavyweights surrounding the KFL Championship, now may not be the best time for her to angle in on a title match, but she's never been intimidated before!

- Ninja_Mime is once again only one step away from reclaiming KFL gold! Opting to bide his time in this 3-way encounter, he allowed Shoe to take out TTT before closing in for the kill! The Horde is looking quite strong right now, and that perception will only magnify if Mime can claim the title next week!

- The stars appeared to be aligned for "Y2K" to begin another dominating run as KFL Champion, but CTR had other ideas! After seeing Mime become the #1 contender, it would have been easy for her to overlook TNR out of concern for future prospects. CTR would not succumb to the distractions and took care of business! A thunderous championship clash goes down next week!

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RE: MKO Internet Relay Kombat - August 8th Results
10/16/2014 01:43 PM EST
October 10th Results!

Maridany d. tghuhyg19 [+1]
Unknown265 & mwgrant0 d. Asesino & nightbreed_16 [+1]
Nephrite d. Onimike & Chryo_Spyder [+1/+1/-2]
MKRocket & blacksaibot d. redman & MINION [+2]
jack4813 d. Coltess & Philip94 [+2/-1/-1]
ShoeUnited & Murdoink d. TheNinjasRock071394 & UlcaTron [+1]
NovaStarr d. 4avenger5 [+1]
Ghostdragon & Baraka_MK d. Jerrod & Killswitch [+1]
LordSkarlet & VenoMark d. CCShadow & Scott-Howell [+2]
TonyTheTiger d. m0s [+1]
The_Purple_Bunny d. Genku [+1]
CaTigeReptile (c) d. Ninja_Mime [+1] [KFL Championship]

- It was the night of the Duos, with FIVE 2v2 matches on the card! We received some truly impressive performances, but I was most surprised by what both Ghostdragon & BMK and LordSkarlet & VenoMark did. These teams were sort of thrown together during the week and they were still able to shine! Big wins for these guys. It was also a solid week for Unknown265 & mwgrant0, who took care of The Horde in the first team fight of the night. United Services continued to look strong as Shoe & Murdoink defeated Y2K & UlcaTron without much difficulty! Last, but not least, MKR & blacksaibot took care of business in convincing fashion against redman & MINION! Good fights all around!

- We had a couple of 3-way bouts on the card as well, and with the mid-card picture being very muddled right now, it was great to see some clarity break through! Both battles were hotly contested, but in the end it was the combat experience of Nephrite and jack4813 that carried them through to victory! Is this the moment that sees one or both men turn the corner?

- Maridany did well to slow the momentum of tghuhyg19! The latter had really begun to make some noise in the midcard, but he did not anticipate Maridany being on his game! I think we'll be seeing these two collide again somewhere down the road.

- Just when 4avenger5 is building momentum, he gets chocked down by NovaStarr! Her fury knows no bounds, and it was certainly on full display in this contest! The question remains, though: will either of these combatants break through and win the big one? Or will 2014 end in disappointment?

- Some heavy hitters took the stage in the later fights, and they did not disappoint! TTT and m0s battled it out in a rare KFL encounter for the two, and TTT's sub-league experience proved to be the deciding factor! Elsewhere, TPB has been feeling threatened by CTR's growing title reign, as his record for most combined days as champion is nearly broken! He has dispatched Genku and will likely face the champion next week!

- Speaking of "The Guardian," she had yet another successful title defense against the leader of The Horde! CTR's legend is growing exponentially in recent weeks, and as she inches closer to TPB's cumulative reign record, The Great Arena's anticipation of a historic encounter has reached a fever pitch! Will she conquer the man she chases next week? Stay tuned!

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RE: MKO Internet Relay Kombat - August 8th Results
10/23/2014 02:46 AM EST
October 17th Results!

nightbreed_16 d. Methuselah6463 [+1]
irulegames1234 d. DarknessDragon & TheMetinPorta [+1/--/-1]
kentei290 d. dibula [+1]
rick991 d. tghuhyg19 [+1]
Asesino & UlcaTron fought to a standstill draw!
legoslayer10 d. Onimike [+1]
DeathScepter d. CCShadow [+1]
Nephrite d. jack4813 [+1]
Ghostdragon d. NovaStarr [+1]
Genku d. TonyTheTiger [+3]
m0s3pH d. Ninja_Mime [+1]
The_Purple_Bunny d. CaTigeReptile (c) [+1] [KFL Championship]

This KFL Card had it all! With fighters all throughout the ranks jockeying for position on the leaderboard, this week may have been the last shot for those wanting to make a splash in 2014! Next week's card will feature eleven matches that will serve as qualifiers for the Halloween Battle Royal! In the Battle Royal, 25 KFL competitors will duke it out for the right to battle the champion on November 7th! And who is that champion now... ?

None other than The_Purple_Bunny, of course! Sensing that CaTigeReptile was too close for comfort to his record of most days as KFL Champion, TPB picked the perfect time to strike! Or did he?

Alas, it was a trap! The man he defeated for The Great Arena's Undisputed Championship lurked in the shadows, waiting for his scheme to come to fruition, and now it has! The KFL Commissioner, m0s3pH, has planted the seeds of his revenge, and next week will be the time to harvest! On October 24th, it'll be TPB vs. m0s3pH for the KFL Championship in the main event! Who will the champion be, and who will their opponent be on 11/7? Stay tuned!

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RE: MKO Internet Relay Kombat - August 8th Results
10/30/2014 04:07 PM EST
October 24th Results!

Asesino d. UlcaTron [+1]
MINION d. mwgrant0 [+1]
Chryo_Spyder d. hydraslash [+3]
Onimike d. blacksaibot [+1]
TonyTheTiger d. MKRocket [+5]
Jironobou d. tghuhyg19 [+1]
legoslayer10 d. kentei290 [+1]
JUST_A_TARKATAN d. irulegames1234 [+1]
Maridany d. Murdoink [+2]
Unknown265 d. rick991 [+1]
Shoe d. redman [+1]
The_Purple_Bunny (c) d. m0s3pH [+1] [KFL Championship]

- With the Battle Royale on Halloween looming, the focus of competition this week was determining the participants! Every match (with the exception of the title bout) was for a spot in the 25-man melee! These eleven brave souls will duke it out for a championship opportunity this weekend!

- As the new KFL Champion, TPB is choosing to take on all comers! Even the commissioner himself couldn't stop this madness! Who will rise to face him on November 7th?

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RE: MKO Internet Relay Kombat - August 8th Results
11/05/2014 05:20 PM EST
October 31st Results!

subzero776 d. Methuselah6463 [+2]
DarknessDragon d. TheMetinPorta [+1]
Sekktor d. SK9608 [+4]
bdog_13 d. Zentile [+1]
Genku d. VenoMark [+4]
TonyTheTiger elim. ShoeUnited to win the Halloween Contender Battle Royal!

2014 KFL Halloween Battle Royal Eliminations:
1. Jironobou elim. MINION [1:41]
2. Scott-Howell elim. JUST_A_TARKATAN [5:00]
3. TheNinjasRock071394 elim. Chryo_Spyder [6:37]
4. 4avenger5 elim. Maridany [7:31]
5. TheNinjasRock071394 elim. jack4813 [9:37]
6. Asesino elim. Nephrite [10:00]
7. TonyTheTiger elim. Onryo [10:15]
8. coltess elim. Philip94 [11:43]
9. TonyTheTiger elim. Killswitch [12:28]
10. ShoeUnited elim. Jironobou [12:39]
11. 4avenger5 elim. Asesino [14:19]
12. Jerrod elim. Baraka_MK [15:26]
13. coltess elim. Unknown265 [16:56]
14. TheNinjasRock071394 elim. DeathScepter [17:25]
15. 4avenger5 elim. Scott-Howell [18:04]
16. TheNinjasRock071394 elim. Onimike [18:19]
17. TheNinjasRock071394 elim. legoslayer10 [18:31]
18. NovaStarr elim. Jerrod [18:57]
19. NovaStarr elim. coltess [19:42]
20. NovaStarr elim. CCShadow [19:55]
21. 4avenger5 elim. NovaStarr [24:05]
22. ShoeUnited elim. 4avenger5 [25:04]
23. TonyTheTiger elim. TheNinjasRock071394 [25:55]
24. TonyTheTiger elim. ShoeUnited [27:02]

- It was a big day in the KFL as the 25-man Halloween Battle Royal took center stage! With the five other matches being purely about rankings (as December brings about the Armageddon event), some fighters are setting themselves up for success during the holiday season! Most notably, Genku delivered a strong +4 impact in his win over VenoMark. Sekktor also looked good against an overmatched SK9608, and The Great Arena saw solid performances from subzero776, DarknessDragon, and bdog_13!

- The Battle Royal saw dominant performances from a few combatants, but slow and steady wins the race in this setting and TonyTheTiger did just that! While fighters like TNR and 4avenger5 secured a number of early eliminations, their activity left them weak! They ended up being easy pickings for the two finalists, TTT and ShoeUnited! A difficult battle ended with "The Predator" living up to his name! Now, he will be the one to challenge champion TPB on 11/7!

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RE: MKO Internet Relay Kombat - August 8th Results
11/13/2014 01:39 PM EST
November 7th Results!

bdog_13 d. nightbreed_16 & Zentile [+1/--/-1]
TheMetinPorta d. DarknessDragon & SK9608 [+1/--/-1]
hydraslash d. irulegames1234 [+1]
JUST_A_TARKATAN d. rick991 [+1]
blacksaibot d. MINION [+2]
Asesino d. mwgrant0 [+1]
Maridany d. Coltess [+1]
Nephrite d. Jerrod & jack4813 [+1/--/-1]
NovaStarr d. Baraka_MK [+2]
m0s3pH d. Onryo [+4]
TheNinjasRock071394 d. Ghostdragon [+1]
The_Purple_Bunny (c) d. TonyTheTiger [+2] [KFL Championship]

It was a big day for those wanting to make moves in the rankings, as bdog_13, TheMetinPorta, and Nephrite triumphed in 3-way action! KFL Commissioner m0s3pH scored the biggest impact of the night, striking for +4 against Onryo in an impromptu match! The main event featured KFL Champ TPB defending his strap against a very game TTT, but the king of the mountain showed The Great Arena why he's in charge! With all of his titles still safe, who will he face next? Dirt sheets say it'll be none other than fellow 4-time champion, TNR!

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RE: MKO Internet Relay Kombat - August 8th Results
11/17/2014 11:01 AM EST
November 14th Results!

Methuselah6463 d. subzero776 [+1]
Sekktor d. blacksaibot [+5]
tghuhyg19 d. kentei290 [+1]
MKRocket d. Murdoink [+1]
mwgrant0 d. rick991 [+1]
Killswitch d. redman [+1]
Unknown265 d. legoslayer10 [+2]
DeathScepter d. Philip94 [+2]
NovaStarr d. avenger45 [+1]
TonyTheTiger d. CCShadow [+1]
m0s3pH d. Ghostdragon [+15]
The_Purple_Bunny (c) d. TheNinjasRock071394 [+1] [KFL Championship]

As we near the end of November, the race for rank heats up! Ghostdragon suffered the biggest impact of the night, taking +15 from m0s3pH, but he retains his #1 ranking because TNR could not defeat TPB for the title! Sitting at 22 wins in 2014, Ghostdragon has the inside track to claim the top spot. However, there are still two weeks of KFL action still to be had! One of the biggest movers this week was tghuhyg19, who jumped a handful of spots by defeating kentei290! Sekktor looked strong in his +5 victory, but he sits pretty far down the list. Can he make hay in the coming weeks?

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RE: MKO Internet Relay Kombat - August 8th Results
11/27/2014 04:30 PM EST
November 21st Results!

irulegames1234 d. DarknessDragon [+1]
bdog_13 d. TheMetinPorta [+1]
Jironobou d. kentei290 [+1]
hydraslash d. UlcaTron [+1]
Onimike d. JUST_A_TARKATAN [+1]
legoslayer10 d. Asesino [+1]
Maridany d. Killswitch [+1]
CCShadow d. Philip94 [+1]
VenoMark d. m0s3pH [+1]
Nephrite d. Baraka_MK & Onryo [+3/-2/-1]
Scott-Howell d. NovaStarr [+1]
TheNinjasRock071394 d. Ghostdragon [+3]

As the battle for rank continues, the penultimate week of action delivered some shocking results! After all his experience gained in the Duo ranks with seasoned vet TNR, I was surprised to see UlcaTron go down at the hands of hydraslash! Likewise, Maridany's win over Killswitch was equally shocking to the Great Arena faithful! The biggest stunner of the week had to be Nephrite, who defeated not one but two conceivably stronger opponents in 3-way action! In the main event, TNR struck down Ghostdragon with a +3 impact! However, following the match it was announced that both men will be given an opportunity to take out TPB and win the KFL Championship!

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RE: MKO Internet Relay Kombat - August 8th Results
12/04/2014 03:53 PM EST
November 28th Results!

Zentile d. TheMetinPorta [+1]
DarknessDragon d. SK9608 [+1]
hydraslash & Methuselah6463 d. Asesino & nightbreed_16 [+1]
Unknown265 & mwgrant0 d. redman & MINION [+1]
bdog_13 d. irulegames1234 [+1]
coltess d. Maridany [+1]
Jironobou d. Murdoink & UlcaTron [+3/-2/-1]
NovaStarr d. jack4813 [+1]
4avenger5 d. Nephrite [+MAX] [-1up]
VenoMark d. m0s3pH [+1]
Jerrod, Killswitch, CCShadow, Scott-Howell & Baraka_MK d. MKR, blacksaibot, Onryo, DeathScepter & legoslayer10 [5-3]
The_Purple_Bunny (c) d. TheNinjasRock071394 & Ghostdragon [+1/+3/-4]

5-on-5 Team Match Eliminations:
1. legoslayer10 [Team B] elim. Baraka_MK [Team A]
2. Scott-Howell [Team A] elim. legoslayer10 [Team B]
3. Scott-Howell [Team A] elim. DeathScepter [Team B]
4. Onryo [Team B] elim. Scott-Howell [Team A]
5. CCShadow [Team A] elim. Onryo [Team B]
6. blacksaibot [Team B] elim. CCShadow [Team A]
7. Killswitch [Team A] elim. blacksaibot [Team B]
8. Killswitch [Team A] elim. MKR [Team B]
Survivors: Killswitch & Jerrod

The final week of standard KFL action was a blockbuster! Jerrod & Killswitch were the sole survivors of the grueling 5-on-5 contest, cementing themselves as the KFL's top team in 2014! TPB retained his title in triple threat action, and we even had a casualty! The upper echelon was thrown for a loop as 4avenger5 struck down Nephrite with incredible brutality! With the rankings now set in stone for December's Armageddon Month, only one question remains: who will close 2014 as the KFL champion?

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MKO Internet Relay Kombat - December 5th Results
12/09/2014 07:58 AM EST
KFL Friday Night Fights: Week 47 (December 5th)

- subzero776 d. zebraska [+1]
- Genku d. subzero776 [+7]
- Genku d. m0s3pH [+6]
- Genku d. nightbreed_16 [+6]
- Genku d. Methuselah6463 [+MAX]
- Genku d. SK9608 [+MAX]
- Genku d. Zentile [+3]
- Genku d. dibula [+1]
- Genku d. irulegames1234 [+MAX]
- Genku d. kentei290 [+MAX]
- Genku d. DarknessDragon [+8]
- Genku d. Sekktor [+13]
- Genku d. MINION [+3]

Throughout the year they have battled for supremacy... For some, the fight has been personal, built on the foundational goals of executing on a grudge against a bitter rival! For others, the objective has been clear, securing victories and taking ranks on the climb to the ultimate golden goal - the KFL Championship! There have been many champions during Season 2014, but in December, all eyes turn to the summit as the KFL Pyramid rises once more to force a final scramble to the ultimate finish!

This is Armageddon - a month-long struggle to eliminate all rankings until there is one final KFL Champion reigning over Season 2014! Waiting at the end of this grueling struggle is the most dominant KFL Champion in history: The man considered the "Golden Standard" - The_Purple_Bunny!

It must have been old hatred that motivated Genku during the first week of the final fight! The scars of wounds that kept him from the battle for much of the year seared with a desire to come back strong! The lowest rungs of the KFL table would be victim to Genku's charge as opponent after opponent suffered devastating losses! In 2015, they will have their opportunity for revenge. For now - Genku walks a path of untainted victory. Can he continue to climb the pyramid toward the flickering flame of the KFL Championship? We shall see...

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MKO Internet Relay Kombat - December 12th Results
12/18/2014 07:46 AM EST
KFL Friday Night Fights: Week 48 (December 12th)

- Genku d. UlcaTron [+2]
- Genku d. Murdoink [+3]
- Genku d. rick991 [+MAX]
- Genku d. bdog_13 [+MAX]
- tghuhyg19 d. Genku [+2[
- blacksaibot d. tghuhyg19 [+1]
- MKRocket d. blacksaibot [+2]
- MKRocket d. Jironobou [+1]
- MKRocket d. JUST_A_TARKATAN [+1]
- redman d. MKR [+1]
- Asesino d. redman [+1]
- Chryo_Spyder d. hydraslash [+1]
- Chryo_Spyder d. Onimike [+1]

The end of 2014 is nigh! Armageddon is upon us!
In the first week of the final battle - one warrior stood far stronger than the rest! The Great Genku returned to the KFL with a dominant 12 match win streak that rapidly reversed his rankings fortunes! Leaving 13 other fighters in the dust, he took a bold step closer to regaining the coveted KFL Championship that waits around the waste of the last opponent standing: The_Purple_Bunny!

Though still far from the summit of the KFL pyramid - Genku resumed his work with the same comprehensive victories as Week 1! He toppled worthy foes in UlcaTron & Murdoink, before striking with MAXIMUM damage in what seemed like the beginning of the end for Week 2's competitors. The sense that Genku could make it was mounting and then - something unexpected!

tghuhyg19 emerged from the crowd, stunning everyone with a sudden victory over an unprepared Genku! Even tghuhyg19 must have been surprised - he was swiftly defeated by the next competitor in line: blacksaibot. He fared no better, however, when faced with the challenge of his frequent fighting partner: MKRocket! The dominoes had begun to fall, but MKR stood strong for three good wins. He was narrowly outclassed by a fresh former KFL Champion in redman, but he was even more narrowly bested by Asesino!

Chryo_Spyder has shown many moments of great potential in previous KFL seasons. He scraped by Asesino, but mustered a greater strength against the beleaguered Aussie hydraslash. With one final fight before him, he executed a strong win against his final foe, earning himself the right to continue his golden quest into the third week of Armageddon! Then, the competition will take a dramatic rise, as the top competitors are thinned to one. Will the Spyder weave a web to the top - or is he about to be squashed?...

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MKO Internet Relay Kombat - December 19th Results
01/01/2015 05:37 AM EST
KFL Friday Night Fights: Week 49 (December 19th)

- ShoeUnited d. Chyro_Spyder [+2]
- VenoMark d. ShoeUnited [+6]
- VenoMark d. mwgrant0 [+11]
- VenoMark d. legoslayer10 [+1]
- VenoMark d. TonyTheTiger [+3]
- VenoMark d. [Killswitch] [+13]
- VenoMark d. Coltess [+27]
- VenoMark d. Unknown265 [+10]
- VenoMark d. Philip94 [+12]
- VenoMark d. Maridany [+2]
- CaTigeReptile d. VenoMark [+3]
- CaTigeReptile d. jack4813 [+1]
- DeathScepter d. CaTigeReptile [+7]
- Jerrod d. DeathScepter [+1]

With the cloud of Genku passing in the previous week - a new storm was gathering on the final path to Armageddon! The drawing close of the year could only mean the competition kicked into a higher gear. Only the elite could survive in a battle to crown the final champion of 2014! Watching from the top of the Armageddon KFL Pryramid - the reigning 4-time Champion and final obstacle: The_Purple_Bunny!

Chryo_Spyder had shown great promise in his effort to survive into the penultimate night of fights! Alas; the threshold to the top half of the ranks was too overwhelming a challenge for the promising challenger. ShoeUnited put a harsh stop to the spyder's ascent. His was but a harbinger's role, as VenoMark arrived as the dominant force of Week 49!

The supposed excellence of the final ranks was rendered moot as VenoMark attempted a win streak to rival Genku's! He devastated former champions TonyTheTiger and Philip94, and brutalized the rising star of 2014 Coltess with a disdainful +27 demolition! The momentum VenoMark built was undoubtedly championship caliber, but a guardian was waiting to stop him in his warpath! CaTigeReptile has battled VenoMark many times in the past. To many, she is considered among the greatest KFL Champions of history - a 6-time title holder who reigned over more than 200 days!

CTR's guard was impenetrable! VenoMark came to a crashing halt, but it clearly took its toll on "The Guardian", whose return was foretold. She stood firm against jack4813, but the potency of her attack had been diminished. DeathScepter capitalized on CTR's weakness, striking with a +7 impact! He too would succumb to the expulsion of energies, however. Having spent everything on toppling The Guardian - DeathScepter had nothing left as Jerrod struck the final blow for December 19!

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MKO Internet Relay Kombat - December 26th Results
01/01/2015 06:30 AM EST
KFL Friday Night Fights: Week 50 (December 26th)

- Jerrod d. CCShadow [+1]
- Jerrod d. Onryo [+1]
- LordSkarlet d. Jerrod [+10]
- Baraka_MK d. LordSkarlet [+2]
- Baraka_MK d. avenger45 [+2]
- Baraka_MK d. NovaStarr [+1]
- Ninja_Mime d. Baraka_MK [+1]
- Ninja_Mime d. Scott-Howell [+2]
- TheNinjasRock07134 d. Ninja_Mime [+1]
- Ghostdragon d. TheNinjasRock07134 [+1]
- The_Purple_Bunny (c) d. Ghostdragon [+2] [KFL Championship]

Fifty weeks of fighting, dozens of feuds and rivalries, one ultimate goal!
The year's battles had set the stage for one final unforgiving scramble towards the coveted KFL Championship! Only a dozen fighters remained in the final stage - the rest: already claimed by the ritual cleansing of Armageddon!

Jerrod emerged at the final climb with the confidence of his last victory. He had shown great potential as a championship challenger throughout 2014. CCShadow failed to mount a compelling attack, matched and bested without incident. "Mad Dog" Onryo came with a little more grunt, and Jerrod was forced to work a little bit harder. LordSkarlet leaped into the fray and the gravity of the top ranks came crashing down upon Jerrod's hubris! LordSkarlet had been on the sidelines nursing fatal wounds, but his return showed no signs of weakness! A heavyweight performance earned LS a +10 impact, but it would not last!

Veteran competitor Baraka_MK caught LordSkarlet mid-air and brought him tumbling back to earth with a win that belied their measured differences! avenger45 would be next to be counted: a dark horse favourite of 2014 whose success in November came at the cost of Nephrite - unable to compete in the final dash! BMK humbled the lethal avenger, effortlessly striking him from the list of would-be winners. NovaStarr - another burgeoning hopeful - put in a stronger performance, but only seemed able to inspire a new high from Baraka_MK! It was shaping up to be a fairytale ending until another former champion returned!

Ninja_Mime turned the tables on Baraka_MK, reversing his momentum to flip the result with a hard fought win. The July 4th American Dream Scott-Howell looked to capitalize on his champion status and knowledge of Mime's attacks, but he was swiftly out paced by the 2-time champion! With the summit in view, Mime looked prepared for KFL rival TheNinjasRock071394!

Mime & NinjasRock locked horns like two raging bulls. Mime had been a champion before, but TheNinjasRock071394 is one of the greatest KFL Champions to have ever reigned. Each put in a solid struggle, but destiny seemed intent on setting up TheNinjasRock071394 and his ultimate 2014 rival: Ghostdragon!

The "Silent Assassin" Ghostdragon had engaged in some of the most memorable fights of 2014 with TheNinjasRock071394. Their rivalry went beyond matches, including a give-and-take chase for the #1 rank that saw GD secure the advantage he failed to find in their classic battles. It was all building toward this - the final opportunity! With the fires of Armageddon burning bright above them, they feuded one furious final time. Evenly matched - it was Ghostdragon, fighting from above, who edged out his rival! The KFL Championship was finally within reach!

Ghostdragon stalked the flat plane where the "Golden Standard" was waiting with title in tow. The_Purple_Bunny may not have held the title as many times as CaTigeReptile, but his four reigns had grown to span 294 days - making him the greatest champion in KFL history! His super heavyweight status made him the perfect final boss for a year's culmination of kombat. Ghostdragon summoned his strength. Warrior spirits collided. A fight was waged.

When the dust cleared... Ghostdragon was defeated... The_Purple_Bunny still KFL Champion...

Now TPB carries the gold into KFL Season 2015 - where the quest begins again! A new year brings new opportunities! The league will reset, inviting fresh challengers to rise to claim the coveted KFL Championship. It could be anyone! Post to register!

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