The Official Favorite Mortal Kombat Game Thread.
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Well, I would just like to start with that, I talked it over with ~Crow~, and he said that it is fine to do this Thread: Since Threads like "Who is your Favorite Mortal Kombat Character?" have been Done To The Death so many times, so has The "Favorite Mortal Kombat Game" Thread. I am making this an Official Thread, so The same Thread never has to be repeated again. So, without further a due, here is The List of all Mortal Kombat Games, and choose your Favorite Mortal Kombat Game from The List, and tell us why The Mortal Kombat Game you chose is your Favorite Mortal Kombat Game.

========== Mortal Kombat. ==========

========== Mortal Kombat II. ==========

========== Mortal Kombat III. ==========

========== Mortal Kombat: Special Forces. ==========

========== Mortal Kombat: Mythologies: Sub-Zero. ==========

========== Ultimate Mortal Kombat III. ==========

========== Mortal Kombat Trilogy. ==========

========== Mortal Kombat IV. ==========

========== Mortal Kombat Gold. ==========

========== Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance. ==========

========== Mortal Kombat: Tournament Edition. ==========

========== Mortal Kombat: Deception. ==========

========== Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks. ==========

========== Mortal Kombat: Armageddon. ==========

Personally, My Favorite Mortal Kombat Game is Mortal Kombat II. Though I loved The First Mortal Kombat Game, Mortal Kombat II had everything that made it so awesome: Improved Graphics from The Previous Mortal Kombat Game, Newer Characters, Newer Versions of Characters from The Previous Mortal Kombat Game, New and better Arenas, and everything else, which made it an Improvement from The First Mortal Kombat, and an extremely Fun Game. That is why, as it is with many other people, that Mortal Kombat II is my Favorite Mortal Kombat Game.

-Ryan C.
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04/22/2007 06:32 PM (UTC)
Mortal Kombat 2 was my favorite, because of the awesome arenas and characters they put in the game.Also the fighting system was not over done like MKA was.What I mean was that MKA had the parry system,air kombat,and breakers which turned out to be a bad fighitng system.But with MK2, it was plain and simple.
04/23/2007 04:37 AM (UTC)
Mortal Kombat Trilogy is my favorite because all the characters back then were in it, because it came with the most finishers, because it had arenas from all previous MK games, and because Sindel was improved for that game with an added Double Fireball move.

Also this is the game where Johnny looked at his hottest.

All the female ninjas were great, except for their lousy bun hairdos.

Sonya was the best she's ever been, like in MK3.

And cuz it came with that cool "One Button Fatality" feature as a secret so doing fatalities and all other finishers was a breeze. I mean, I was a kid back then and pressing all those difficult button combos was kinda hard at times, so the one-button thing was an awesome relief.

That game was complete. It had it all and more.

BTW, people say Armageddon was an updated "Trilogy" but it wasn't. It didn't come with any finishers (unless u think that stupid and generic KAF thing counts), it did not have as many arenas from the previous games, characters' gameplay was lessened cuz of only 2 fighting styles instead of 3, and because it didn't come with bios or any cool secrets.
04/23/2007 05:39 AM (UTC)
Mortal Kombat Trilogy is my favorite. I have an extra copy that i didn't even open yet.

When that game came out, there was one person I could manage to fully master, and that was Rain. Rain was my mvp in that game. I could beat most of my friends, if not everybody in my area, with MKT Rain. If my friends would choose one of the four bosses, then I would get crushed.
Rain had that special orb move, that if I used it on you, I would be able to connect an uppercut or some slick combo.(I never used his special moves against someone unless I didn't feel you weren't going to fall for it.)

Oh yeah, Sektor had the double missile attack in MKT, for the convience of using him. Then there's Jax, my favorite Mortal kombat character to up to date. Not as skilled with him like I am with Rain, but I'm close.Jax had that devestating quadruple slam, that took me a while to get the hang of. I think Jax is overlooked, in the 2D games, because it could be difficult to use him in the peak of battle.Jax can fight! I wish there was online gameplay for mk:t when it first came out, back in the mid-90's. I would have left a serious impact in those days with Jax. Human Smoke is already available in the selection screen, as well as noob-saibot, who I feel made slightly faster then Scorpion for some reason.That's a plus. Be sure Aggressor mode was a plus too, it helped determine just who was dishing out more attacks. When the agressor meter was filled, your much stronger, and deal more damage to your opponent. In the games konfigureation option's menu, you could pre-select shang Tsung's morphs, eliminating load times.(Im not sure if previous classic games had this feature.) MKT completes the 2d series well. I hope MK:T is in future plans for midway.
04/23/2007 11:27 AM (UTC)
Armageddon. Even though I enjoyed Deadly Alliance, Trilogy, Deception and MK2 a lot more in their respective times, at the moment, Armageddon is the most fun to play. The characters are great, Konquest is fun, KAK is awesome and you can just pick it up at any time and play.
04/23/2007 05:09 PM (UTC)
0 far every game has had two consecutive posts. It really fits in well with how I'm going with Armaggedon.

I like Armaggedon because it has everyone between its PS2/X Box and Wii versions which is not only kool because it gives you more people to play as, but also because I found it interesting to see previously 2D kharacters like Motaro, Kintaro, and Sektor kome into the 3D realm and the new fighting system (I know Sektor was in MK Gold but that still played out like 2D). I also found its Konquest mode very fun. The additions of Parries and Air Kombat really spice things up and differentiate this game from the other MK's as well as the rest of the fighter genre. Kreate-A-Kharacter was something I waited for a long time to kome to MK and was done well with relatively few flaws mind. Though I would have preferred all of Deception's and Deadly Alliance's arenas making it to this game, I found that Armaggedon had the best selection of arenas with the few Deception arenas it had combined with its own awesome arenas (Notably the Armory and the Battle Arena). Finally, it gave Smoke a bit of an identity and a good moveset (I know that he technically got his first real moves in Deception but they're really lacking without Stinky Fingers).
04/23/2007 06:07 PM (UTC)
I love MKDA, MKA, and UMK3 all equally.

MKDA is MK at its finest in terms of overall story and presentation. It's a beautiful game.

UMK3 is 2D MK at its finest, and MKA is 3D MK at its finest. In terms of gameplay.
04/23/2007 07:46 PM (UTC)
UMK3 easily. Imo.
04/23/2007 11:30 PM (UTC)
My overall favorite would be MKDA.

I liked the characters especially the new comers- especially Li Mei and Kenshi. I also liked the story, design, etc. MKA's gameplay was better though but still a personal favorite among the 3D games.

UMK3 is the best 2D game although I liked MK2 too, the game was pretty hard.
04/24/2007 12:53 AM (UTC)
Me and Hikari715 have the exact answer.

Accept, I think that UMK3 is the best to date.
04/27/2007 02:28 AM (UTC)
My favorite MK game is MKT.

Those previous MK games are to slow for me to play, it maybe just me but, the controls in MKII seem delayed.

......This thread should be stickied, not because this thread is's not, but for the very same reason why the "Favorite Character Thread" was stickied.
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04/28/2007 03:35 AM (UTC)
MK:2 and MK:DA

The main thing for me in both Deadly Alliance and MK:2 was that the new characters were actually GOOD with interesting storylines.

The worst would probably be MK:3 or MK:4

04/28/2007 12:52 PM (UTC)
hmm,its sorta difficult for me.

I think MKDA is my favorite 3d one because of its quality, new characters, storyline, Konquest mode,and unlockables.

I love MKA, because it has all the characters, and the KAK, and the gameplay.Still, Motor Kombat is boring, and Konquest was wayy too short, and the KAF was stupid.

MKT is my favorite 2d,(never played Umk3)because it had all the 2d characters in one game. I also loved the one-button fatalities,and the gameplay. It was fast, and i didn't like the gameplay in MK2 beause it was a lot slower.

MK4 i think rocks, i love it a lot. I love the fatalities, and most of the new characters.I also the FMV endings, and the gameplay is my favorite out of the first 4 games: fast, really fast.

So, here's how my favorite games go in order....
1st Favorite: MKDA
2nd Favorite: Tie Between MKT and MKA
3rd Favorite: MK4
05/01/2007 10:29 AM (UTC)
Mortal Kombat Trilogy and Deception are the best in my opinion.
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