With the global proliferation of an embarassing new dance craze, it could only be a matter of time before the synchronized menace of a flash mob invaded their local city. The dance craze is Gangnam Style, the mob is The Super Zeros.

A string of Mortal Kombat themed happenings has attracted the majority of the troupe's traffic, which means chances are MK fans have at least been made aware of their antics, if not the "Super Zero" name itself.

The clash of K-Pop and Kombatants [above] has already garnered well over 900,000 views on YouTube, contributing to more than 3,000,000 total for the group. It's a humble slice of the chart busting 800 million earned by Korea's global sensation starter: Psy -- but that number is trending upward with every dance dance assault!

The philosophy of The Super Zeros is a simple one, combining at least two of the elements of our Thanksgiving Kountdown [and a bit of that thing we said we wouldn't do, not that we aren't thankful for the Kitanas and Jades of the world]. Even so, these guys take fandom and cosplay to a whole other level, so it's probably best to defer to the "Zeros" themselves for a description of their mandate:

Life is too short to grow up. Go from zeros to heroes- a rowdy bunch of ordinary people with extraordinary imaginations-bringing them to life with an extra touch of rudeness

If the opening scene from Armageddon didn't have enough horse hopping or crazylegs for your taste, The Super Zeros have made their home on YouTube and Facebook for your viewing convenience. Expanding exponentially from their original five members, The Super Zeros promise more content coming, which will almost certainly destroy us all.

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