A Retrospect on my MK Media Kontributions the Last 7 Years
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A Retrospect on my MK Media Kontributions the Last 7 Years
03/19/2017 02:20 AM EDT
As most of you know I started collecting MK media and releasing it to the Internet world 7 years ago. In about 2 years I, with the help of about 8 friends, was able to find, archive, scan, capture, EVERYTHING about the movies, cartoons, tv shows, live tour, original web series - all before MK: Rebirth and MK; Legacy surfaced. I searched high and low, buying stuff off of Ebay (sometimes for outrageous amounts) and from all over the world so MK fans would have access to what you have now.

It honestly started for several reasons. First I wanted to study the production process of the MK film so I could eventually make my own film at girlfightmovie.com, and then because my friends and I were upset about the lack of special features for the movies and especially here in this country (USA).

Most of the original links are no more in my thread (below), however, my original comprehensive MK media site has been uploaded (although not updated) and provides about a years' worth of browsing and downloading time. MKSecrets in fact hosts many of the media files I provided.

This is my site: http://www.wskel.com/MK/

My MK stickied thread on here: http://www.mortalkombatonline.com/content/forum/showmessage.cds?id=129337

MKSecrets can be found on Youtube.

I can't help but to think, especially since Ed Boon tweeted some of my Youtube links about 7 years ago, that some powers that be from WB noticed fans were talking notice to RetroMK Movie & Media and that my crew and I weren't in some way responsible for having official releases of The Journey Begins and Conquest.

Thanks to me, my crew [a HUGE shout out and THANKS to you, you know who you are], and fans like you, we have the following at our disposal:
* Steelbooks for both movies (German-only releases but it's a start)
* Mortal Kombat Conquest is now officially available.
* Mortal Kombat: The Journey Begins comes with the movie on Bluray.
* The company who made GORO released their own series of GORO featurettes

My contributions, specifically with the help of my crew, has brought to all of us these and many more items:
* Mortal Kombat Movie Laserdisc audio commentary
* Mortal Kombat and Annihilation Behind the Scenes featurettes
* Mortal Kombat: The Dragon documentary
* Scripts for the movies, the MK bible for the animated series, a couple scripts for Conquest, and pretty much every transcript possible.
* Trailers and TV spots including the rare one seen during Streetfighter for which I own a reel of, and from MTV and TBS and more including information about what "Cyber Kombat" was
* That the animated series was cross-overed with other cartoons on USA network
* Hidden easter eggs and mistakes in the movies
* The Ultimate Mortal Kombat CD-ROM
* The MK VHS Retailer Promos and evidences from the MK movies screeners
* Press Kits, complete scans, for everything except DOTR and Conquest
* All the known episodes for the first web series, if you will, known as Federation of Martial Arts (I believe hosted here on MKO).
* Lots of interviews and never before seen photos, or overlooked, including evidence of Quan Chi in MK Annihilation and a missing Sonya vs a monk fight in the first movie
* Sonya Blade aas supposed to have a shower scene in the first movie (it's in the script)
* Scans of new books like the movie magazine and Behind the scenes book as well as links to scans for all the novels and Live Tour tour book.
* Pretty much every MK3 kode that was hidden throughout all MK media
* A scene-by-scene breakdown of the movie, created by me, that paints a picture to the behind the scenes for each scene from the movie.
* Lots of movies that had different MK trailers, although as we learn they differed in few ways
* Hordes of MK merchandise we hadn't seen had been made available for sale, literally thousands of listings existed. This included the Ultimate MK CD-ROM to Live Tour pogs and other merch and so much more.
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RE: A Retrospect on my MK Media Kontributions the Last 7 Years
05/27/2020 10:44 PM EDT

Since website is dead now, I'm wondering, will it be resurrected? So much materials and information is missing,

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RE: A Retrospect on my MK Media Kontributions the Last 7 Years
05/29/2020 10:26 PM EDT

If I can find a new host with a lot of disk space / unlimited bandwidth, then yea it can go back up. But the old host was doing away with traditional web sites and focused more on HTML5 which doesn't require as much file hosting as a traditional web site like mine uses.

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