The first series of the hugely successful Mortal Kombat X comic book and digital serial has come to an end, but fans eager to hold the entire series in their hands still have plenty of chances! Mortal Kombat X Volume 2 is out now! Details follow:

Vol. 2 continues the collected saga from Volume 1, detailing the prequel adventures of Scorpion, Takahashi Takeda, Sonya Blade, Johnny Cage, Kotal Kahn and many more characters from the Mortal Kombat X mythos!

The DC Comics Trade Paperback collects print issues #5 through #8 -- that's chapter 15 to 24 for digital readers -- completing the story of Blood Gods. Written by Shawn Kittelsen, with art by Daniel Sampere, Igor Vittorino & Dexter Soy, the trade is on sale for $14.99RRP, featuring a Scorpion v Havik cover by Stephen Segovia [pictured above]!

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