Scorpion assumes his place in the pantheon of pop culture icons as part of the Legends in 3-Dimensions collectible bust series from Diamond Select Toys. The klassic ninja spectre becomes scintillating reality with a sculpt inspired by his appearance in Mortal Kombat II. Take a closer look:

The 9.2 inch tall half-scale bust is designed by artist Joe Allard after John Tobias and the makers of MKII, and sculpted by Salvador Gomes. Scorpion gazes intensely out of milky steely eyes, wearing iconic quilted yellow ninja gear with a texture black cowl.

Perched atop a plume of hellfire; the statue is 11.3 inches at its widest, 7.2 inches deep, and weighs around 4lbs. Available to order from the Diamond Select Toys website for $175.00 and is limited to only 1,000 productions! You can examine the statue in more detail in promotion stills below:

Scorpion is part of a cavalcade of pop culture icons in the Legends in 3-Dimensions series, including GI Joe ninja Storm Shadow, martial arts movie great Bruce Lee, Marvel's Wolverine, Iron Man, Thanos, and many more! Share your thoughts about your favourites in the comments below and discuss more in the Media & Merchandise forum! Or get righteously retro in the 2D Kombat Klassics forum!