When it comes to Christmas and Mortal Kombat tis truly better to give than receive. Now you can celebrate finishing your enemies and the winter holiday by hanging Sub-Zero from the tree -- as an officially released Christmas ornament, that is!

Hallmark unveiled their klassic Kuai Liang decoration as part of a new season of pop culture themed ornaments and seasonal tchotchkes. He looks positively frosty as a 2.3" W x 5" H x 1.9" D plastic ornament inspired by his iconic Mortal Kombat II win pose.

The game-inspired sculpt is by artist Alex Ho and comes nicely packaged in a red & white Hallmark Keepsake box for safe keeping, and gift giving. Performing this friendship will set you back $17.99 and won't unlock until its official release on July 10th.

So far this is the only Mortal Kombat fighter coming to Christmas. You can find other offerings in the 2021 Hallmark Keepsake Dream Book and pre-order Sub-Zero on the website. Who else would you like to see? Tell us in the comments below and find more goodies in the Media & Merchandise forum!