The saga of the Mortal Kombat Encyclopedia has been a long and winding one. Mortal Kombat Online first reported on mounting fan interest for a printed tome in the middle of last year [full story]. In the time since, the project has evolved and escalated under the guidance of dedicated fan Ninja_Arts aka; Myke Snow.

Earlier in the year, Snow provided MK Online with early drafts of the mock-ups that provide proof of concept for the book. The designs provide a hypothetical blueprint for DK Publishing, potential consumers, and the ultimate hold-out: Ed Boon and NetherRealm Studios. Click to enlarge examples below:

Support for the We Want An MK Lore Encyclopedia petition has reduced to a steady trickle in the past eleven months, last achieving the 6,000 e-signature milestone. Enthusiasm from die hard supporters, however, has remained an intense, undeterred torrent of moltenous passion!

The subsequent contribution of additional champions, such as designer Anthony Wenc and the @EncylopediaMK Twitter account, has kept the concept alive and developing before our very eyes. Wenc's designs in particular lend further credibility to the concept, bringing the sensibility of newer mock-ups even more in line with existing Mortal Kombat products.

Exactly what's stopping the publication of an MK Encyclopaedia is a little uncertain, but it's likely there are multiple factors in consideration. The demands of a definitive source certainly ask creative questions the developers have shied away from in an era defined by inconsistency, retold history, and other development priorities.

A franchise reboot in 2011 muddied the waters of Mortal Kombat's once steady and expanding lore. The introduction of third-party content through DC Comics, while enjoyable for fans, further imposes inconsistency incompatible with an authoritative encyclopaedia publication. Comics writer Shawn Kittelsen has shown support for the project, but parent companies may prefer the ambiguity supplied by the modern games. The greatest c hallenge of an in-fiction encyclopaedia: quality control.

The most important factor behind any printed Mortal Kombat source will be interest from cash carrying consumers: the fans. You can show your support by signing the petition, following @EncyclopediaMK and making your voice heard through constructive comment on the forum!

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