There's nowhere left to run now that Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge is available digitally and on blu-ray. Johnny Cage is finding that out the hard way when Baraka is unleashed in a new animated preview. Watch if you dare:

There'll be plenty of fights in the animated feature's tight eighty minute run time, with more than just the cast of the original Mortal Kombat video game! The exclusive IGN preview above reveals Baraka as one of the Outworld warriors who'll be causing trouble for Earthrealm's defenders!

Joel McHale lends his voice to a bewildered Johnny Cage, who finds himself evading the vicious blades of Baraka in a food storage and preparation area. Will he survive when he crosses skillet with Tarkatan steel? Find out now by watching digitally via Amazon, iTunes, PlayStation, Xbox, or by finding the extras stacked Blu-Ray!

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