In another preview from Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpion's Revenge, the animated feature reveals one of the elusive threats who prowls Shang Tsung's Island. Reptile is under the gun, but how long before the hunter becomes the hunted? Check it out:

The lurking lizard is hiding in plain sight thanks to his trademark invisible camouflage, but when he's stalking highly trained Special Forces soldier Sonya Blade, the last survivor of Zaterra won't stay hidden for long! In the preview embeded above, Sonya engages in evasive jungle warfare as Reptile attacks with his acid spit!

Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter, Quarantine) features as Sonya Blade in a story that will take her from roughhousing in the streets to a fated journey to Shang Tsung's Island! Get a taste for the tournament and things to come in the first official trailer.

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