Fellow MK fansite Mortal Kombat Outworld webmaster Khaos has posted an exclusive interview with Chris Casamassa, who played Scorpion in the Mortal Kombat movie and TV show. He finds out a bit of information on Chris's personal history as well as the MK3 movie:
First off, Threshold are taking a long time to announce any shooting dates, cast updates etc. Is there any reason for this that you are aware of? Is there any new info on the production you could tell us?

Nothing new to tell - Hurricane Katrina set us back a few months.

I'm sure it's extremely fun on the MK sets. Did you enjoy working on the movie set more than conquest or the other way round? And what is the reason to why you never played Scorpion in the the second film?

Both the TV show and the first film were a blast! The film was more fun for me because it was my experience in the big times.... the TV show was fun because we shot it in Orlando Florida at Disney and the crew was awesome. I was supposed to play Scorpion in MK2, but I had also just landed the gig for George Clooney's fighting double in the Batman & Robin film. The shoot dates were set so I could do both, but delays in production changed that - so I had to go with the first contract I signed - however the Batman experience was great fun and lots of hard work - unfortunately they edited out the best fighting we did which was very disappointing. From what I were were told it was the best stuff they had shot ever for a Batman film, bur the director wanted to go in a different direction.
To read the interview in its entirety, click here. Thanks to MK Online forum/chat user dragonj87 for the News Lead!