We still have a wait ahead of us until the Mortal Kombat movie sequel becomes a theatrical release, but the first major step has been taken with principal photography in Australia officially wrapping. The milestone was marked on social media by cast & crew alike. Take a look:

Producer Todd Garner has been a prolific presence on social media throughout the months of filming, sharing a multitude of teaser images from the set including the first-look at Tati Gabrielle as Jade. This time he posted a video message to X (aka; Twitter) from a jungle-type location, thanking fans and stressing that there will be a wait for the first trailer.

Hey, kombatants. Well, that's a wrap for me on Mortal Kombat. This has been an incredible, incredible journey. Uh, can't wait for you all to see what we've done. It's gonna be a while! We have a lot of work to do. I know I'm gonna start getting a lot of messages about, like, "When is the trailer? When is the trailer?" It's gonna be while! Uh, we're gonna work hard. We're gonna get it done - and uh... I think we've made something special. I hope you guys agree. Thanks.

Kung Lao actor Max Huang also shared photos to Instagram of the cast wrap party attended by returning star Lewis Tan (Cole Young) and newcomers Adeline Rudolph (Kitana), Ana Thu Nguyen (Sindel), Desmond Chaim (Shao Kahn), and CJ Bloomfield (Baraka).

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