Photographs from behind the scenes of the upcoming Mortal Kombat movie sequel continue to tease major characters as producer Todd Garner gives us our first glimpse at props, sets, and players from the new movie. The coming of Johnny Cage leads the latest crop of images with our first look at a key piece of Cage wardrobe, as well as a returning actor and sinister mystery men. Take a look:

Back in the arcade days Johnny infamously shed Otomix branding from his gear, but ever since the 2011 video game reboot our man's commitment to branding has seen him wearing the Cage name on a variety of customizable belt buckles - and even tattooed across his chest!

When Karl Urban steps in to the role it looks as if he'll be continuing this recent trend, as indicated by a chunky metal belt accessory in one of the latest photos shared by Garner. A similar buckle appears on a movie poster at the end of the 2021 film, teasing Cage's future in the coming sequel.

On set photography has also shown us a black & white close up of returning actress Jessica McNamee, who returns as Sonya Blade, but the real intrigue is in two of the other snaps teasing something new for the sequel!

One image shows a looming hooded figure who the producer has confirmed is not Noob Saibot! With a dark veil covering the individual's face, it's difficult to know for sure if this is a dark presence on the movie's periphery -- or a featured character whose identity is being kept a secret. A pale hand featured in another shot has inspired widespread speculation that it's the first hint of Quan Chi (Damon Herriman).

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