Mezco Toys will usher in a new era for action figures starting with the release of the first wave of Mortal Kombat X toys! The initial line-up of Scorpion, Sub-Zero & Raiden was revealed at New York Comic Con [full story], and are now available for pre-order ahead of a May, 2015 release!

The 6" figure line represents an upgrade in quality from the previous generation of toys, but that comes with a cost. Each figure has a premium price of $20.99RRP [$18.99 via Big Bad Toy Store].

Each toy has 23 points of articulation, with ball joints in the right places to allow for dynamic stances right out of the games! A variety of character-specific accessories complete the toyshelf scene: Scorpion comes with spear chains, twin swords and alternate fighting hands. Sub-Zero boasts game inspired hammer and sword. Raiden electrifies with lightning ball and two sets of alternate hands for fighting and electrocuting!

For the committed fan, all three can be pre-order purchased in a single Series 1 pack for $52.99 [via Big Bad Toy Store]!

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