Mark Twain said the name of the greatest inventor was Accident. In the following case, it's sure hard to argue! A mix-up in the factory has delivered our pals at Pop Culture Shock Collectibles a downright awesome, one-of-a-kind statue they've nicknamed "Khrome".

The communication mix-up occurred in prototype stages for Pop Culture Shock's 1:4 Scale Human Smoke statue. Part of the UMK3 inspired Mortal Kombat Klassic series; the limited Smoke previously appeared in a Mortal Kombat Online exclusive first look reveal [full story].

Sadly, the Khrome statue won't be available for purchase any time soon. This unauthorized variant is strictly a one of a kind happy accident, offered by the guys to series head: Ed Boon! Probably not likely to be the next error macro turned character, but you never know.

Update (Jan. 25): It seems Khrome has caught the imagination of the fans and Pop Culture Shock are all too pleased to feed it! They shared a couple more pics of their glorious mishap via Twitter. Check out the mirrored master below and share your ideas on the forum [click thumbnails to enlarge]:

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