With its warring factions and dwindling rogues gallery of bizarre support players; the 2016 United States Presidential race has, at times, looked a lot like the Outworld Civil War seen in Mortal Kombat X!

The final debate took place last night (October 19th), and The New Yorker Afternoon Cartoon commented on the mood, depicting the third round with vocabulary we can all understand:

The cartoon features perrenial Mortal Kombat mascot Scorpion issuing a single command to Democratic Candidate Hillary Clinton: "Finish him."

The "him" in question is celebrity mogul turned controversial Republican Candidate Donald Trump. Preliminary polling of the debate by CNN suggests she may have succeeded.

In the interest of balanced political reporting, we might question how the endorsement of a denizen of the Netherrealm reflects on Secretary Clinton. On the other hand, maybe it's just surprising that the angry male shouting "come here!" as he drags his foes by the throat didn't choose Trump! Better the throat than any other part of the anatomy, we're sure.

The gag is the work of New Yorker cartoonist Benjamin Schwartz, who shared his preliminary sketch with inquisitive readers via Twitter. That's also how we know for sure the klassic kombatant is Scorpion, not any of his palette swapped counterparts. You can find more of his contributions on The New Yorker website.

Does the cartoon depict a political endorsement, or is it merely ushering the candidate to an inevitable conclusion? Oh, those New Yorker cartoons. They really make you think!

Mortal Kombat Online isn't confident the deceased can legally register to vote in the United States, but even if they could, Scorpion's a citizen of Japan, and would therefore not be elligible. We will of course be sharing this information with the appropriate authorities.

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