Mortal Kombat has officially returned to theatres but one of the iconic klassic fighters didn't make the final cut. Now everyone is trying to cast the perfect Johnny Cage for the sequel and frequent fan choice Ryan Reynolds has responded to his adoring public.

Social media followers and online pundits know Ryan Reynolds as much for his irreverent promotional campaigns as his starring roles in action movies. Never one to miss an opportunity: he responded to widespread Twitter discussion with a photoshopped finisher and a promotional message for the telcom he co-owns Mint Mobile

"What do I do with casting rumors and wireless competitors upset that @usnews just named @Mintmobile 2021's best cell phone plan? Finish ‘em!!"

It's a jokey self-serving move right out of the Johnny Cage playbook and it caught the attention of Ed Boon, who got in on the fun responding: "Uh.... @VancityReynolds ... we should talk" MK movie producer Todd Garner didn't need convincing, either. He's already been talking about Reynolds for many months.

Rumors persist that the filmmakers want to cast a big name for the sequel role, which was prominently teased at the end of the 2021 action blockbuster with a close-up on a Johnny Cage poster. What a big name means in today's Hollywood is still to be determined, with fans bandying around Marvel stars like Chris Pratt and Chris Evans.

Reynolds isn't the first actor to photoshop himself as the video game character: WWE's The Miz did it last week -- jumping immediately onto sequel discussions after the film's theatrical & streaming premiere. Sub-Zero actor Joe Taslim submitted Scott Adkins for the part before the movie was even released.

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Ryan Reynolds has built up quite a filmography as the snarky action star of Deadpool and The Hitman's Bodyguard, but is the 44 year old right for the part? Share your thoughts in the comments below and join more movie discussion in the Media & Merchandise forum!