Pop Culture Shock Collectibles are paying homage to a major piece of Mortal Kombat lore with their latest statue reveal! Shao Kahn takes the throne of Outworld for the 1:3 Scale collectible, which references Mortal Kombat II and the secret history revealed in Deadly Alliance!

The massive 1:3 scale, polystone statue is 35" tall, 29" wide, and 26" deep! It comes in two versions sculpted by PCS's own Jerry Macaluso, depicting Emperor Shao Kahn seated in all his klassic armored splendor! Mixed media elements add realism with cloth cape and flexible loin armor, adding texture to the finely sculpted details of his skull-adorned, muscle bound figure!

The standard retail edition is a fine tribute to Mortal Kombat's klassic boss, but the PCS Exclusive version is where the statue really goes the extra mile! With fitting reference to the backstory of Shao Kahn's conquests, the exclusive alternative statue features swap-out arm holding the severed head of the overthrown Dragon King: Onaga!

If the head of the Deception final boss isn't enough to get your fan-senses tingling -- there's also an exclusive extra that reveals the unmasked visage of Shao Kahn! The rarely seen exposed face of Kahn was revealed in tie-in comic books in the nineties, making the limited edition variant all the more appealing!

Both versions carry the imperial premium price of $1499.99, with discounts of up to 15% on offer if you pre-order through Pop Culture Shock Collectibles! The retail version will sell 200 pieces, with the exclusive variant a limited 100!

Pop Culture Shock Collectibles have been making high-end Mortal Kombat statue products for America and the world since 2011, expanding their range with premium 1:3 scale figures and scenes! Shao Kahn follows in a range that includes 1:3 Goro, 1:4 scale Kintaro, Quan Chi, and Emperor Kotal Kahn!

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