The high-end merchandise game continues to court Mortal Kombat with Hong Kong toy maker Storm Collectibles entering the game in the Asia region! Goro, Scorpion & Sub-Zero lead the charge of their first wave of high quality figurines.

As reported by Toyark, Storm Collectibles unveiled their classic Mortal Kombat inspired 1/12th scale figurines at July's Seoul Kid and Adult Fair 2015, in Korea. The results are impressive -- described by the makers as "only 50% done"!

Even at this early stage, the edict of the company to create quality, accurate likenesses is clear. Images above [click thumbnails to enlarge] were shared on Facebook, showing off three of the series' enduring icons. Posed with arms outstretch, Goro looks reminiscent of the original stop-motion model used to create the first game sprites.

Storm Collectibles also promote figures based on uncanny likeness of Bruce Lee, Mike Tyson, Hulk Hogan and Dennis Rodman. Further details are unknown. Mortal Kombat Online advises thorough investigation before committing to any international purchases.

These aren't the first Mortal Kombat figures to come out of Hong Kong. With greater focus on play-ready articulation, World Box Toys previously created Mortal Kombat (2011) inspired toys based on Sub-Zero and Kung Lao at 1:6 scale.

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