The uppercut has remained one of the most satisfying basic attacks Mortal Kombat has had to offer. Its chunky arcade logic has been a go-to for free hits, launchers, and even time efficient finishing moves -- but does it work in real life? The latest episode of The Science of Mortal Kombat is here to answer that question! Watch:

Physics boss Sir Isaac Newton seems to have taken umbrage with the simple joy of uppercutting an opponent. Working to navigate his second law is Nerdist's Because Science team, aided briefly by professional wrestler turned UFC fighter, CM Punk, who has about as much luck hitting a knock-out as you might expect. Enter a pneumatic robo-fist to produce the necessary force.

You can catch up with previous episodes examining: Sub-Zero's head shatter, Skarlet's blood spike, Sub-Zero's ice axe, and Scorpion's spear. Rest assured, these moves and more will be guaranteed 100% possible when Mortal Kombat 11 arrives for consoles and PC - next week!