Reports of a rumored character list for the next Mortal Kombat movie have had everybody talking, but the most important voice may be Greg Russo's.

The writer of the film took to Twitter to respond to concerns raised by the leaked information, clarifying that the list was based on an earlier version of the script, and only partially accurate.

Russo also addressed concerns and errors found in the original report, specifically mocking the listing of Jax as "Jackson Bridges" (instead of Briggs), and the description of Shaolin fighting monk Liu Kang as a "ninja".

Details inconsistent with the established characters were a natural point of contention for die hard fans, but they may be artefacts from the writer of the original article, or the "telephone game" of second-hand information. Russo cast further doubt on the information's veracity: "I have no idea where those descriptions came from... but certainly not from anyone involved in the project."

Despite the mistaken details, the list wasn't completely without merit, even if rooted in redundant information: "They got some stuff right and whiffed on most of it." Some characters described have since been excised from the script, while a prominent icon like Sub-Zero -- who was missing from the report -- will be "kicking all sorts of (frozen) ass."

On the inclusion of more obscure fighters from the series, the writer adds: "It's a tricky thing. Because you don't just want to throw characters in for no reason. Everyone has to have to have a reason and a moment to shine. (read: kick ass)".

Familiarity and arcade credentials are a big part of Greg Russo's damage control mesage to fans. It's no guarantee the final product will appease dyed in the wool fandom, and moviegoers alike, but it comes as timely reminder that films go through many stages before reaching the big screen.

Mortal Kombat is currently in pre-production, with James Wan's Atomic Monster Productions and Todd Garner & Jeremy Stein (Broken Road) producing. Lawrence Kasanoff (Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat: Annihilation) will executive produce. Simon McQuoid is expected to make his feature directorial debut. There is no release date as yet.

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