Twitter may be in a state of flux since the close of Elon Musk's majority acqusition, but Ed Boon remains steadfast in his use of the service, hosting a fan Q&A with some surprisingly frank responses for NetherRealm Studios' upcoming project(s). The Chief Creative Officer technically confirmed their next game, as well as some interesting details. Read on:

Asked for a hint for the developer's next game, Boon shot right down the barrel to put all the odds on the two red hot sequel favourites: "I3 or MK12". Sequels to Mortal Kombat 11 or Injustice 2 have been widely speculated about, but this finally confirms one of them is on the way!

Boon's frankness was reflected in multiple answers, seemingly ruling out an immediate appearance for Kabal and return for Mileena's Deception design. The tone was a little lighter for other characters, claiming Jade slept through MKX and his thoughts are "her kostume is primarily green", and Takeda might make a good orange ninja.

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On the subject of mini-games like Deception's Chess Kombat and Puzzle Kombat, Boon ruled out the likelihood of a return in the next game, but left the door open: "Not likely. But some time in the future, perhaps." He also thinks they could make "a great "Streets of Rage" style MK game".

A modern console release for Mortal Kombat 4 was deemed "unlikely", but Boon likes the idea of a "Directors Kut" that "has everything we wanted to have in it". A new version of Konquest mode is also more likely than re-releasing Deception.

If that doesn't have "3D era" fans frothing with excitement, a more concrete response to the relegation of those characters almost certainly will. Asked why they've been so scarce in recent games, Boon delivered another direct hit: "That is something we will soon fix." Though encouraging, fans will want to remember a story-driven mobile game already packed with classic characters is coming very soon.

He also had encouraging words for fans of Mortal Kombat in the cinema. Asked why the video game developer didn't have a strong presence in the promotion of the controversial 2021 theatrical franchise reboot, he looked to the future: "Good question. I can tell you that I/we are excited about the next movie. Each iteration of the script is better than the previous!!"

A request for mystical Teen Titan Raven was met with overwhelming enthusiasm: "If I have anything to say about it. YES." He also noted that The Flash is faster than MK's dashing Black Dragon mercenary Kabal.

Could these more concrete details point to a reveal on the horizon? Asked about The Game Awards on December 8th, Boon confirmed "I will be attending the show. But not presenting."

Which NetherRealm franchise do you think will get the next game? What do you think about some of the details hinted at? Share your thoughts in the comments below and go deeper into speculation in the Future Kombat and DC Universe Injustice forums!