D'vorah Revealed at Xbox event (pic inside)
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RE: D'vorah Revealed at Xbox event (pic inside)
02/05/2019 10:25 PM EST

D’Vorah looks fucking amazing!!!!

So pumped for her gameplay. She was one of the most interesting new characters so I’m glad she is back.

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RE: D'vorah Revealed at Xbox event (pic inside)
02/06/2019 02:46 AM EST

Iiiiiii... am freaking stoked to hear D'Vorah is in. Moreso than Kabal even. For a few reasons...

1) Thumbs up for one less "one and done" character...

2) One of my favorite new characters from MKX, well deserved return. She was easily one of the most intriguing of the newbies, and her story left her tons of open-ended room for a return. I'm eager to see where she fits into the picture after betraying Kotal, but with Shinnok removed from power.

3) I'm eager to see where she fits into the time travel story, and if we'll get more insight to D'Vorah's mostly as-yet-unseen role in the old timeline (I know that would mostly be retcon, but they began it already in MKX, so... might as well see where it takes us)

4) Her confirmation debunks any number of fake leaked rosters. So hey, high five for that, am I right?

ALL THAT SAID... yeah... hate the new look. Looked way better in MKX. Looks like Gollum now. Fingers crossed that customization options will do her a few favors, lol.

Absolutely this!

4) this was my first thought i had, when i saw her reveal. Every leaked so far was wrong. Most people complaining about the size of the roster. Only 25 kharacters seems not enough but everyone forget about the DLCs. I am sure there gonna be at least 6 more DLC kharacters. So my hopes for Sektor, Shang Tsung and Reptile are high, with or without DLC.

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RE: D'vorah Revealed at Xbox event (pic inside)
02/06/2019 02:53 AM EST

Now Baraka fans can get their revenge.

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RE: D'vorah Revealed at Xbox event (pic inside)
02/06/2019 06:31 AM EST

Boo, D’Vorah sucks. What a waste of a roster spot. Put her in story mode as an NPC, give her roster spot to someone else.

Go away. I've seen this comment a thousand times on Twitter and Youtube from mindless crybaby Mileena fans. I hope they replay her face getting eaten again in the MK11 story mode.

We're finally getting fun, interesting, well designed, non-human characters being brought back and not being "one-and-done" chars and in typical MK fan fashion it's met with nothing but salt.

But hey, enjoy playing Sonya for the umpteenth time. That's never gotten old.

I'm a Kitana, Mileena and D'vorah fan, not all Mileena fans hate on D'vorah... And Mileena is also a NON-Human monstrous character, so what is your deal? Go hate on Cassie SELFIE Cage, that is a human.