One of the breakout characters from Mortal Kombat X is making his highly anticipated return! The ageless gunman Erron Black can already be glimpsed in the Mortal Kombat 11 Story Mode Trailer, but now's your chance to take an even closer look in official character art!

Erron Black brought an unexpected touch of the wild west to kombat when he debuted to fan acclaim in Mortal Kombat X. Drawing inspiration from prominent cinematic references like The Man With No Name, he wields an MK twist via weapons accrued in Outworld, and a spell cast by former employer Shang Tsung that keeps him young for centuries. He's a character who could almost fit in with the very first Mortal Kombat!

Some blue denim has worked its way into Erron's wardrobe for this design, but the same basic leather n hide completes the gunslinger's ensemble. Customization will almost certainly offer a range of new design options, but some interesting details can be gleaned from this attire. A more ornate stetson may reflect his on-going association with Emperor Kotal Kahn. The man who carves his victim's name into bullets seems to be working on his own brand this time out, wearin a belt buckle with his own face.

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