It's a midnight premier for movie star turned MK champion Johnny Cage! The klassic kombatant makes his official debut in Mortal Kombat 11 thanks to an exclusive reveal by IGN! Watch:

The reveal trailer debuted right on time at, with a showreel of moves you cannot fake! Johnny fights fast and furious, moving freely with versions of his klassic shadow kick and projectile that look deadly!

It's some of the little details that really impress! Johnny may've fired his stylist to go for the tactical look, but his stunt double is available for a full nelson double team. His acting chops are still on point with a little mid-fight mime work recalling his infamous Ninja Mime movie, but he's also branched out to use flash photography to stun his opponents! That teaser shared by Ed Boon comes into focus as well, as Cage uses multiple takes to deliver a jaw dropping triple uppercut fatality that ends with that finger in the perfect action movie slo-mo!

Johnny Cage is back and better than ever before! Which scene was the most memorable from this action packed trailer? Be back to tune-in later today for a Kombat Kast breakdown of Cage, and share your reviews on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum!