Mortal Kombat Mobile is bringing another new fighter into its epic ranks and its one of the popular additions from Ultimate Mortal Kombat 11! Prepare for a downpour when Rain descends upon the free-to-play app! Watch the reveal and gameplay trailers for a full forecast:

Watch: MK Mobile Rain Reveal Trailer | MK Mobile Rain Gameplay Trailer

Edenia's arrogant demi-god delivers a deluge of destruction as he defends with new passive powers and inflicts soggy combinations that will make the mobile battlefield slick with water and opponent's blood!

Combine Rain's soaking ability with Raiden's lightning for a shocking hydro-electric assault bonus, or rely on Rain's own storm power to stun his opponents and set them up for the spike of his glaive glove -- a new trademark weapon introduced in Ultimate MK11!

Look for opportunities to control the elements with Rain by downloading Mortal Kombat Mobile for iOS and Android via AppStore and Google Play. Share your thoughts about the addition of the Kombat Pack 2 fighter in the comments below and discuss more of what you want to see in MK Mobile in the Mortal Kombat 11 forum!