Yesterday's update to the official website revealed character bios for sixteen fighters, but one of the brief summaries on the German language version doesn't quite match the original. The entry that should be for Jacqui Briggs appears to describe the return of her father: Jackson Briggs!

A rough translation of the German text [pictured above] describes 'Special Forces Cyber-Officer' Jax Briggs, who lost both arms in the line of duty, but returned to the battlefield thanks to cybernetic implants. He continues his honorable fight to protect the Earthrealm.

It's a far cry from the intended bio for Jacqui Briggs, which also contains reference to Jax's sacrifice, but otherwise focuses on her drive to carry on her father's legacy. A legacy that will apparently continue in Mortal Kombat 11, despite some concern the iconic metal-armed super-soldier would miss out.

Doubt surrounding the return of Jax may have stemmed from two interrelated Mortal Kombat X arcade endings: Jax's partner Sonya Blade dreamt of his murder in her ending sequence, only to awaken to news of his actual death. The "assassin's bullet" described in Sonya's ending seemingly describes the Jax outcome, where he's killed defending young Special Forces agents from Erron Black. They paint a common image, but as long time fans know, arcade endings are full of hypotheticals that will never come to pass.

Curiously enough, a Mortal Kombat X trailer for The Briggs Family came very late, confirming Jax just weeks before the release of the game! Another MK11 fighter will be revealed Friday at C2E2. Could Jax be next? Join the discussion on the Mortal Kombat 11 forum! Special thanks to MK Online user Xysion for calling attention to this on the forum!