The sixth and final fighter from Mortal Kombat 11's Kombat Pack has been a long time coming. At last, Spawn has arisen from Hell, unleashing the powers of darkness in a new gameplay trailer revealed during Final Kombat! See it for yourself right here:

Its been a gruelling ten months since Spawn was first officially announced. The latest trailer finally showcases the gameplay that had Todd McFarlane buzzing about the "crazy stuff" he can do!

The trailer perfectly pits Spawn against Scorpion in the intro, where he unleashes the chains of Hell against Mortal Kombat's famous ninja spectre. Spawn has many more tricks than Hanzo Hasashi, wielding his living cape, automatic weapons, a battle axe, sword, and the burning green necroplasm that is the source of his powers.

When it's time to finish the battle, his infernal chains and cape strip the opponent of their living flesh for a dramatic fatality. In his standard win pose, he's dragged back to Hell to face the sneering gaze of the devil that created him - Malebolgia!

Fan-favourite animated series actor Keith David lends gravitas to the voice of Al Simmons in intros. Die hard fans of Spawn should be able to find plenty to love about the latest gaming incarnation of the comic book anti-hero. You can examine the basic Spawn design closer in previously released official render art.

The comic book guest fighter isn't the only Spawn coming to early access downloads on March 17th! In the tradition of the DC inspired Cassie Quinn skin; Jacquit Briggs will receive a "Hellspawn" variant. The Matinee Skin Pack will also offer three new designs: Osh-Tekk Vandal Kotal Kahn, Swashbuckler Erron Black, and Space Marine Jacqui. Enlarge thumbnails below and rewatch the trailer for a closer look.

Spawn concludes the MK11 Kombat Pack downloadable content, which has also brought us Shang Tsung, Nightwolf, Sindel, and guest characters The Terminator and Joker. What's next for the hit fighting game? Share your thoughts about Spawn in the comments below and pledge your soul to the Mortal Kombat 11 for more!