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Survival Saturday Kasts


This is the popular Twitch series where Kombatants fight to the death to get this biggest streak in the King of the Hill lobby. This is not any ordinary KOTH, this is Survival KOTH. Your health carries over from match to match. You think you have what it takes to be the Ultimate Survivor?

Join our room "Survival Saturdays" at 8:30 PM EDT to join (Please note that KOTH does not support Kross-Play)

Rules for Survival Saturdays Tournaments


2. YOU ARE REQUIRED TO JOIN THE DISCORD. PLEASE @SurvivedKombat for the Kompetitor role!

3. PLEASE USE A LAN CABLE: Wi-Fi is strictly forbidden and if caught using Wi-Fi, you will be DQd.

4. LAGGING: If you are lagging profusely, I will have to DQ you. Lagging destroys the integrity of the tourney so if I or a mod sees it in offstream/online sets, you're DQ'ed

5. OFF STREAM SETS: Mods "M0s3ph" & "BowzersBuddy" will add you on PlayStation 4, create the lobby, and spectate the FT3 so there is no problems with the he said/she said in terms of lag or any other problems. In the possible case that there isn’t a mod able to spectate, wait or start up a PRIVATE CASUAL LOBBY. Please do not use the public rooms in case some random comes in and destroys the integrity of the match. It has to specifically be a Casual Match to allow banned moves for being used. If the tournament exceeds 12 players, off stream sets will have to be mandatory. If a match is lagging without a moderator present, we will issue a REMAKE and the mod will invite you into a private KOTH (Does not apply to 2-3 loses as by the 5th match, you should have felt a lag spike in the other 4 matches and requested a mod)

6. ON STREAM SETS: You will be @‘ed in the DMs the set before yours starts. This is so you will be ready to go once the previous set ends. You will have 10 minutes to respond or accept the invite to the KOTH before you are DQ’d. I wanna keep this speedy, clean, and efficient. Members of a clan and pro players will have a higher chance of having streamed matches. It will be one lobby so please, when the set is over, leave so we can get the next 2 Kombatants in.

7. PARTICIPATING IN OTHER TOURNEYS/STREAMS: There are definitely gonna be other events happening around my tournament. Please contact me or my mods with the tourney you are participating in and what time it would be so we can rearrange you in the bracket and avoid scheduling conflicts. I don’t want to be a burden on other Kontent Kreators.

8. BANNED MOVES: I am a strict believer that kompetitors should be able to use everything to their disposal. This includes banned moves. I will have a list of every banned move in the link

9. No Shows: If you do not show up for the tourney without properly contacting me or a Mod, you will be barred for joining an MKO tourney for 2 tournaments. If you do it again, you will be permantely banned from all MKO tournaments and have to submit an appeal.

Rules of Survival Saturdays KOTH

1. 10 or more hits is a Kombo King

2. 5 hit brutality is how you get an Ultra Kombo

3. Fatalities, Brutalities, Mercies, Friendships, and Fatal Blows adds health to your next match (does not apply to non King Player)

4. If you lose during Survivor Rumble you must either leave or go afk in the lobby

5. Have fun

Winner of Season 15

Current Season Leaderboard

Want to kommentate?

All Kontent Kreators are welcome to kommentate in Survival Saturdays. If you wish to kommentate this season, please fill out this Form to get on the kommentator stage. First come first serve so act fast


Killer Kuts by Redvard Dolański

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Deception Character Select Theme Remake

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