Mortal Kombat may be brand new to the PlayStation Vita this month [full story], but the reboot title officially celebrated its first anniversary at the end of April!

Adding to the continuing retrospective; Atomhawk Design have released a follow-up wave of concept resources, expanding the gallery of their contributions to the hugely successful title with images of Kintaro, The Armory, Goro's Lair, Evil Monestary and the apocalyptic vista from Sonya Blade's ending!

Kintaro Concept Render!

The UK based design studio were responsible for generating various concept arts and renders, and revealed several other backgrounds, as well as Smoke, in their last update. Many more resources were released throughout the 2011 promotional cycle, including renders for Sub-Zero, Kung Lao, Mileena, Raiden, Jade and others. A complete Atomhawk Design gallery is available on DeviantART.

Ed Boon provided his own rare glimpse of artwork from the development phase, revealing never-before-seen images of discarded cover concepts, in time for the anniversary [full story].

2012 also marks the twentieth anniversary of the Mortal Kombat franchise! Share your nostalgia with the MKOmmunity by posting in the Year of the Dragon forum thread. For more updates and retrospectives, follow @MK_Online and like us on Facebook.