As the realm of pre-order bonuses widens, Gamestop has launched an ad campaign to attract fans to their offer of Scorpion's classic costume.

Scorpion, along with Mileena [full story on where to obtain her retro outfit] battle in their classically inspired costumes on The Pit stage. Some playful banter and fighting ensues where Scorpion entices Mileena with a kiss, only to remove his mask revealing his skull. Mileena shrieks as the ninja spectre delivers his trademark flame breath. Both the Toasty fatality and his MK1 inspired costume are unlocked by purchasing the game from Gamestop with a pre-order for either PS3 or Xbox 360.

Keep your eyes peeled for Gamestop's ad and place your pre-order with them before April 19th to receive this exclusive costume and fatality for Mortal Kombat!