Another interesting interview from E3 2010 has surfaced, this time featuring Hector Sanchez of Netherrealm Studios taking the questions from IG. He was able to confirm a few small details regarding the character roster and the gameplay modes. Below is a list of what is confirmed in this interview:

  • Raiden will be playable
  • Shang Tsung is heavily implied to be in the game
  • Each character will have an unlockable alternate costume
  • Konquest mode will not return
  • More modes featuring the 2D kombat engine

Hector, similarly to Ed Boon when asked the question about new characters, dodges it by saying that the game will be a retelling of the first three games in the series, but not everything will go as it did the first time around. This continues speculation that there will be characters from Mortal Kombat 4 and on or possibly a new character within the game. He also says the roster is finalized and that he knows all the characters that will be in the game.

To watch the interview in full, click here.