Kotaku has posted an intriguing article where they interview Ed Boon about the future of Mortal Kombat, Life after Midway Games and what's in store for Netherrealm Studios. Below are a few excerpts of interest.

"First, the developer has to wrap up work on its new Mortal Kombat fighting game, due sometime in 2011. Boon estimates an arrival in the first half of that year, giving the team at NetherRealm Studios more time to polish the game than it had been at failed publisher Midway.".

"We're going to have a Krypt. It's going to have a really elaborate and sophisticated unlocking system," Boon says. "We'll have really deep online stuff. Not to say that we're never going to do [those over the top bonus modes] again, but this game's not going to have a puzzle game or chess game. This is really us focusing on those first three games".

"Warner Bros. made it pretty clear when we came on, that there's a lot more than can be done with Mortal Kombat," Boon says. "Not 'a lot more' as in, 'Let's release two games a year' and beat it into the ground. A lot more in terms of other media—movies, comic books, TV shows, stuff like that."

This Interview also discusses plans for another Spin-Off game and the potential ressurection of the Arcade game The Grid amongst other tidbits. To read the Interview in full, click here.