Gamespot have exclusively revealed the first-look at number four in a series of character vignettes, each designed to spotlight the backstory of classic fighters in the lead up to entering Mortal Kombat!

Liu Kang is featured this time, lamenting on his training as a child with Shaolin Monk, to his special mastery under the Outworld-born master, Bo' Rai Cho (introduced to the canon in Deadly Alliance). Referencing his relationship with Raiden, the vignette appears to retain the expectation of Liu Kang as Earthrealm's greatest warrior and eventual champion.

As a young orphan, Liu Kang was trained by monks, ultimately becoming a Shaolin expert under Master Bo' Rai Cho. Assisted by the God of Thunder; Liu Kang is Earthrealm's best hope for freedom -- and survival! Liu Kang is destined to reach the final challenge and become the champion of Mortal Kombat!

The debut of a Mortal Kombat 3 inspired Kano and a newly designed, youthful Shang Tsung, who most resembles his Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe incarnation, allows Liu Kang to showcase his many trademark moves. Kang's Dragon Flame, Bicycle Kick, and Teleport are all demonstrated on an MK3 inspired post-invasion Rooftop stage, along with what appears to be a new flaming fist chest plunge fatality, which also appeared in the recent Facebook Wallpaper.

Given that Shang Tsung appears disguised as Reptile during a cartoon reveal sequence in the vignette, it rekindles question about whether or not the sorcerer will regain his ability to morph into other characters. Shang lost this playable ability when the series made the transition to 3D graphics.

This is the first promotional material to end with the bookend commercial trailer, recently revealed on Mortal Kombat Online [full story]. You can also find the previous character vignettes on MKO: #1 Scorpion, #2 Sub-Zero, #3 Mileena.

Mortal Kombat will be relased April 19 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and is available in standard and kollector's editions [PAL]. The video also features a distinctly Chinese inspired audio track, likely to be featured on the upcoming concept album, Mortal Kombat: Songs Inspired by the Warriors. The album [full story] is also expected in April, from WaterTower Music.

Update: Liu Kang's theme, performed by Congorock, is now available for download on Amazon and iTunes. You can also find themes for Mileena and Sub-Zero. MKO will continue to follow the album story as it unfolds.