The official website for Mortal Kombat has had a countdown present for past couple of weeks, originally set to expire on October 10th. The countdown officially came to an end starting October 12th. As of this moment, there is not much in the way of new content. Wallpaper sized versions of previously seen artwork is now available however, they have been added below for your convenience.

The site currently links to the official Facebook page for Mortal Kombat, where you can find these images along with a short excerpt about Scorpion. It is designed in such a way that more characters can be added and renders or art can be added into each character's category.

It is very likely the site has more to post, as recent comments via Twitter confirm there are server issues preventing prompt release of the true new content. We will follow this story throughout the day and update as new information becomes available, so be sure to check back for more content.