NetherRealm Studios Creative Director Ed Boon said "we hear ya!" when fans showed overwhelming support for Mortal Kombat XL for PC. The global prayers of PC gamers look to soon be answered, Boon teasing the long awaited update:

In case you missed it, capitalized letters in the message "Maybe we should Karry eXtra Long People who Care?" are a none too subtle hint at "MKXL PC".

Boon's been promising big Mortal Kombat XL news since last month. Polls asking fans about their most missed male and female kombatants leading some to presume new downloadable content for the kompleted saga.

MK Online has speculated about the possibility of bonus content in the PC release. Coming a year after the original troubled MKX port was effectively abandoned, and several months after MKXL and Kombat Pack 2, a few extras could provide a much needed peace offering to frustrated fans. NetherRealm Studios have not explicitly alluded to or promised exclusive content at this time.

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