It was a massive E3 for Ed Boon! The NetherRealm Studios Creative Director and Mortal Kombat Co-Creator remained prolific throughout the three-day public shows, appearing on stage, on podcasts, and even simulcast on two online streams [Twitch & IGN]! Having logged an informative 11.5 mins with Giant Bomb on Day 2 -- he returned on Day 3 to be a mere guest on a packed LIVE show.

Things went much smoother than Ed's last live show appearance, but was no less rich in talking points!

Confirming previously reported doubts, he struck Kiefer Sutherland off the potential cast list. IGN reported a quote from the 24: Live Another Day star way back in February, but Ed assures someone got it wrong.

Responding to some of the initial backlash at the sound of a contemporary track over the MKX reveal trailer - he assured there'll be no pop music in the actual game. Fortunately, we learnt (during the week) that Dan "Toasty" Forden will be back to complete the MK music wishes of many.

During the infamous 2014 GDC Giant Bomb Live - Ed discussed aspects of the unrealized Mortal Kombat HD remake [Related Article: Lost Kontent: Mortal Kombat HD Behind-the-Scenes Photos] This time he looked back to 2005's cult-favourite Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks. revealing the action-adventure variant originally began with as a demo starring Raiden! It was produced independently by Paradox Development (aka; Midway Los Angeles) and brought to the Chicago team, who collaborated with them.

More subject broached include: Kevin Tancharoen, Mortal Kombat: Legacy, Tattoo Assassins & more. We'll endeavour to off a more thorough analysis soon. Register to share your thoughts on the Mortal Kombat X forum!