This year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3, to the cool kids) is one week away, and anticipation for Mortal Kombat X is already topping everybody's lists! The cross-gen 2015 fighter will be at the annual expo and we can expect a few new things coming our way when it is! Creative Director Ed Boon has continued his role as hype beast letting some key details about the new game out:

With the announcement trailer sticking to the mascot standards for a simple introduction to Mortal Kombat X -- we'll be very pleased to see new characters when the game is shown at E3. The accompanying MKX press release gave us good indication there'll be new characters, but we won't know how new is new until we see for ourselves.

Pre-E3 reveal trailers for Mortal Kombat and Injustice: Gods Among Us gave us demonstrations of six or more playable characters. The full CG treatment for MKX may have been a little disappointing, but the wait for gameplay won't be long. We look forward to getting our first glimpse of a game that's promising variant versions of playable characters and new game modes [read more].

The story of Mortal Kombat X is shaping up to be one of the big mysteries heading into E3. In the above tweet, Ed alludes to another kink in the saga that won't necessarily be a direct continuation of Mortal Kombat (2011) and its time bending tangents.

That's something we speculated about in our reveal trailer breakdown. Will we see multiple timelines? Multiple universes? A return to the original timeline circa the all important Armageddon? In the trailer - the new Dragon Logo cracks into four pieces. Is it possible we see four disparate influences on the story? We hope to learn answers during E3!

For those wondering, it's supposed to be said aloud like the letter - "Ex". As noted in the tweet, however, there's a double entendre for anyone counting Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe as game number eight. The question is - what's the intended meaning of the X to make 10 the double meaning? In our reveal trailer breakdown we speculated the multiple universe theory could mean MK "cross" MK (ala; Street Fighter x Tekken). We hope to get a clearer answer come E3.

We'll be hoping to flip our 'proverbial' with gameplay demonstrations from E3, but there's more to read here than just hype for Scorpion's finishing moves! Sure, we take for granted that there'll be plenty of content in these games, but in times past fatalities have paid the price of higher priorities. 2002 series reboot Deadly Alliance only included 1 finisher per character. 2006 battle royal Armageddon replaced the old favourites for the slightly generic Kreate-A-Fatality.

The above tweet seems to guarantee multiple playable versions of characters won't come at the expense of their trademark fatality finishers! Better yet, it even sounds like the second option could be even better than the first!

Update (Jun. 4): There's still a week to go until E3. That's a lot of time to kill and plenty of twitter teasers to tweet till Tuesday! Here are some fresh morsels to keep you salivating in the countdown to the next reveal:

The official NetherRealm Studios account chirped in to challenge fans to pick a side between the trailer's mascot kombatants. A little fun competition between classic rivals -- or an allusion to the new online mode touched on by the press release?

Following up on earlier speculation - we will learn something more about the mysterious storyline of the new game. In more shocking news: Boon thinks @Insider2000 -- or the fanbase at large -- will like the premise. Bold words, sir. Bold words!

It looks as if Mavado fans are probably fresh out of luck! The Red Dragon clansman was introduced in 2002's Deadly Alliance as a rival-cum-substitute for his hooksword wielding Black Dragon counterpart -- Kabal.

Absent from the follow-up, he was a largely forgettable addition once Kabal made his return. Ed may be no stranger to a little subterfuge, but with character dismissals like this, he's more often than not a straight shooter. Couple this with a game high concept that seems to be opening the door to the iconic cast, and the odds look grim for the pseudo-Spaniard. You'll be able to show your support (or disdain) for Mavado later in the next Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion tournament update!

Today we learned Boon is a hard working sunnuva gun who's just Eddie from the block. Furthermore: long term fans know Meat is "a fun character who assists Shinnok". So you can consider this confirmation Ed Boon is not, in fact, the devil... Probably.

Update (Jun. 5): Today's tweets from the master of Mortals featured a lot of topics, including simple fan arts and a very late night at the office. We'll be covering some of those in an upcoming feature, but we'll grab one tweet of interest -- a promise of big things for MKX!

Update (June. 6): Leading today's Tweet Like Its News update, Boon does his best Jimmy Olsen, [creating a dangerous traffic hazard] whilst snapping an exciting first-look at the Warner Brothers poster campaign that lines the streets of Los Angeles:

Mortal Kombat X will be on show all three days at the annual expo! Naturally, if you can't get there yourself, be with us on the forums to revel in all the developments!

As we reported in an update to our original reveal trailer story: MKX will be running on a NetherRealm modified Unreal Engine 3 -- not 4, as some have misreported. The Big B elaborated, noting a continued standard for 60fps and 1080p.

The man who voiced the character for a Guinness Record holding 20+ years also copped some flack for the persistent promo push for Scorpion. The first step is admitting you have a problem. We're here for you, buddy. We're gonna get through this together, Ed. Starting at E3 with 2 brand new characters! Woo!

Mortal Kombat X doesn't have any time booked for the Twitch E3 Live Stream -- but there are two unaccounted for times booked for Warner Brothers Interactive Ent. titles: 2:30PM [PT] Wednesday (June 11) & 1:20PM [PT] Thursday (June 12)!

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