As the 2015 Evo World Championships reach their climax, Mortal Kombat X fans will have even more to look forward to than a new World Champion! Developers NetherRealm Studios will unveil the fourth and final character in their downloadable content Kombat Pack - Tremor! It comes just one year after the Evo reveal of Raiden!

The Evo exclusive trailer will stream to the web during the Mortal Kombat X finals programming block, which begins at 11AM PDT. You can watch it live right here and discuss all the action on the Mortal Kombat X forum!

Tremor returns to the series as a first-time playable character in Mortal Kombat X who debuted in 2000 third-person shooter spin-off: Mortal Kombat: Special Forces. Tremor reprised his role as a rival for MKSF star Jax when he made a surprise cameo in Mortal Kombat Vita in 2012. Tremor is reborn in MKX, expanding his burly groundshaking power to a more literal, rock-skinned and earth manipulating end. This version appears inspired by popular fan-fiction, including a new design reminiscent of the work of Kold War Scorpion designer - fear-sas [full story].

Learn more about the history of Tremor in Mortal Kombat Online's 2012 feature article, and in Part 2 of our anniversary interview with series co-creator John Tobias.

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Tremor may be the end of the advertised Kombat Pack, but not necessarily the end of DLC. Compatibility Patches continue to deliver free bonus content, with expectations and rumors already pointing toward subsequent releases. Series Creative Director Ed Boon shared some of his bonus content wishlist - including klassic arenas.

Future DLC will have to contend with new plans from Capcom, who announced free in-game unlock currency for their next generation sequel Street Fighter V and post-launchcontent. Warner Brothers has already faced criticism for Mortal Kombat X's online services, pre-order allocation, and downloadable content, including controversial "easy fatality" and unlock micro-transactions. The change in each company's policy may reverse player impressions, as Capcom promise more transparent and generous offerings, and Warner Bros become more aggressive with monetization.

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