NetherRealm Studios veteran and former MKO correspondent Shaun Himmerick was in Las Vegas this past weekend for PlayStation Experience. The Sony event gave fans another chance to play 2015's Mortal Kombat X and ask their pre-release questions. MKOmmunity User BruskPoet reportedly took fan queries from the forums to Vegas, and has shared his knowledge with Mortal Kombat Online.

Nareb Kciremmih: Quan Chi will bring dead fighters back as revenants in MKX.

As in the Producer's interview with GameInformer, and the October character reveal trailer: Himmerick emphasizes the importance of Quan Chi's necromancer capabilities in MKX. Some characters who didn't make it out of Mortal Kombat (2011) alive will return as revenants under Quan Chi's control. Himmerick notes it's "very likely" characters will be killed in the 25 year spanning story mode.

More story details will emerge early in 2015 - an inevitability likely related to the upcoming DC Comics Mortal Kombat X tie-in comic. [Related Article: DC Comics Beyond The New 52 January Solicitations]

Night and day will not play a factor in variations of stages in Mortal Kombat X, but some arenas will feature a dynamic weather system that develops throughout the fight. A similar feature was introduced in select stages of 2002's Deadly Alliance. New to MKX are leverage and attack altering Stage Interactions, which will be evident in all stages.

Finishing moves have been a hot topic since E3 and Babalities are officially ruled out for Mortal Kombat X. Style and tone of the new game played into Mortal Kombat Online's recent speculative article about the introduction of Stage Animalities -- a returning -Ality that may have been visible all along.

No news about the mysterious online mode that will pit nations against each other in a persistent struggle [read more] - but further confirmation that there will be a King of the Hill type mode to ease online play. Online function is one of several being tested by an alleged army of 300 testers! [We assume they will return from testing with their fightsticks, or rested upon them.]

Continuing confidence in development progress; Himmerick reportedly says many more characters than the demo build are completed, and the game will be submitted to final stages next month. Pre-order bonus character Goro is reportedly his favourite thus far, and will finally receive a character spotlight trailer at some point in the future.

Prince Goro: A character preview trailer will happen..

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