The fighting variations of Kitana were introduced January in a trailer reveal and further demonstrated during NetherRealm Studios' most recent KombatKast Live Stream. What are they all about, though? The developers break it down:

So far we've seen infographics for: D'Vorah, Sub-Zero, Raiden, Kano, Quan Chi & Ferra/Torr. Each spotlight explains the basic unique strengths and weaknesses of the Character Variation system - an innovation that reinvents each fighter to create specialist match-ups between individual player styles. Visual tells make variation identification a snap as evidenced when all three are compared! Masked and unmasked variants give away Kitana's game quickly.

Royal Storm: In her Royal Storm Variation, Kitana deploys her regal status defensively. Kitana is able to utilize her Square Wave while airborne to escape dangerous situations and gains a tornado of energy that travels across the ground, allowing Kitana to lift and suspend her opponent from a greater distance.

Assassin: The Assassin Variation allows Kitana to tap into her training at Shao Kahn's hand, turning her into a vicious rushdown kombatant. Assassin Kitana gains a parry that triggers a series of brutal backstabs to the opponent and can sharpen her bladed fans to increase their damage. She is also able to utilize her training as an assassin to quickly cover distance and acrobatically attack her victim with her Assassin Rush.

Mournful: Mournful Kitana honors Jade, her fallen best friend, by wielding her weaponry. Employing the weapons of the deceased master assassin, Mournful Kitana can throw her glaive in multiple directions from the ground, or while airborne. She can guide her glaive while in flight to further confuse her opponent. Kitana also gains access to the extendable staff, allowing the use of klassic Jade special attacks.

Take in more Kitana with the visual spotlights of her official render and concept art gallery. See her in motion in her reveal trailer and intro dialogue opposite Cassie Cage. Or prepare to play with the first look at her Mezco Toys Action Figure!

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