Creative Director Ed Boon has dropped an enticing message for Mortal Kombat X fans on Twitter. The slightly cryptic note: a promise of much more good news beyond the imminent, controversial Kombat Pack 2.

While on the surface the message seems to be a positive guarantee of more to come - it may not be quite what fans hope. The capitalized words 'Good Game, Peace Out' appear to tell a different story about what's on the horizon for Mortal Kombat X - an effective end?

To date, all NetherRealm Studios fighting games have followed their initial release year with a subsequent re-issued complete edition. A new disc replete with all of Mortal Kombat X's extensive downloadable content may be the next logical step as the developer moves on to their next project.

Unlike previous editions, will Mortal Kombat X Komplete include new material as a last hurrah? Story mode non-playable characters Rain, Baraka & Sindel remain popular requests. Fujin is another story mode presence omitted from the playable roster to the point of defiance. With The Pit so similar to its 2011 incarnation, why stop at just one klassic arena?

A new printing could be the answer to the much hounded online netcode. 'Good Game, Peace Out' may also be a reference to GGPO - middlewear designed by Evo World Championship founder Tony Cannon to create latency reduction in online fighting games. Post-patched compatibility may also be an option.

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Kombat Pack 2 takes downloadable content further than any NetherRealm Studios game before it, but has surprised fans by only offering a single new pack of character skins to go with its four new characters.

The first Kombat Pack offered fifteen total skins - three alongside each character release. KP2 includes The Pit arena and three Apocalypse Skins [read more], but falls down with previously sold content. Cosplay packs (Brazil and Kold War) and pre-order character Goro are a challenging offer to fans who've already paid a premium, or opted out.

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